What Features Make CMS Perfect for Your OTT Platform

Charlotte Miller

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Video has evolved significantly over the last couple of years. At present, it is at the core of a growing war between the biggest organizations in the world. Google, Facebook, and Twitter all want a share of the type of reach video has to give. For instance, users watch more than 180 million hours to see video on TV screens daily in the US. This accounts for 75 percent of people in America who are associated with the internet. This number is anticipated to grow in the future. Keep on reading to know more about CMS, how it works and what features make CMS perfect for your OTT platform

What is a Video Content Management System?

A video content management system is software that makes the process of sorting out your videos easier. This is such they are all centralized and simple to manage online. It depends on the size of the video library; the answer to whether you want a CMS will vary. Those with small video libraries usually wouldn’t feel the same type of pinch people with relatively bigger amounts of videos will feel. A CMS is best adopted prior to the whole thing getting larger.

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How Does Video Content Management System Work?

A video streaming system hosts, categorizes, stores, and sorts out video content. It offers a main place to store your edited and RAW content and see vital information about those contents. With state-of-the-art CMS, broadcasts are able to sort files by information like topics, size of the file, and even what kind of equipment the content was shot using.

A CMS utilizes specialized video content software to store, host as well as label files, enabling you to search and stream the whole library of files to look for exactly what you are searching for. If you wish to look for a video podcast you shoot on tips for businessmen who are planning to put up a new business, a video hosting platform like an OTT platform with a CMS enables you to key in a keyword and shows you the clips of the video you have uploaded with that mix of terms attached.

A CMS for video streaming has viewer-facing capabilities. When viewers watch that same content about tips for people in business planning to put up a new company, the streaming CMS examines that metadata on which individual video and mixes the collection with other the same videos to suggest.

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Features to Look for in a CMS

Batch Uploading Tools

Uploading video content can be very time-consuming, which causes many hours to get one file ready to publish. You can efficiently and quickly upload many video contents in the CMS with uploading tools. This reduces the time spent getting the content ready and lessens the amount of bandwidth you want to process all these uploads.

A lot of CMS provides one or more options for bulk uploading tools such as 

  • Bulk upload option.
  • Dropbox integration
  • FTP Upload 
  • Video library migration

Cloud Transcoding

If you record or shoot a video, it is not always filmed in a size that is ideal for viewing. Watching 

a video on a smartphone might need a different file size than a computer that is different from the size your camera utilizes when shooting the video.

A high-grade OTT content platform must-have features integrated which instantly convert the files uploaded into any format, which allows content to do their best on an array of devices. Cloud transcoding makes it likely to stream with adaptive bitrate video players.

Video Organization

Having the OTT content grouped and well organized logically is important to assist the viewers to look for what they are searching for fast. Sorting out related content helps viewers find content the same as those they have already watched, which offers deeper insight into a subject and keeps them watching your content longer. 

Some vital things to search for when choosing a CMS takes account of the following: 

  • Categories and sub-categories for any business 
  • Tagging 
  • Smart playlists

The best CMS will give all the features mentioned above for content organization and some state of the art tools. 

Video Privacy and Security

Keeping your content safe is very important. You should be able to store, upload as well as share content privately without worrying about them being compromised. 

Safely upload and share the video with HTTP uploading as well as delivery. Keeping the contents from getting snappy views is vital. A CMS is able to restrict particular domains to restrict the chance that the content will not be pirated or spammed. 

Monetizing your content is vital, and if you provide a subscription where the viewers give out for access, the CMS should provide password protection. 

Video API Access

This plays a vital role in customizing the content hosting and management experience. API access allows you to include the features needed the most for CMS hosting into your OTT platform. This gives you full control over your video and how you share it. 

Video Monetization

If the business model depends on monetization, picking a well-equipped CMS is vital to making the process simpler. 

When choosing a CMS, which integrates with a video monetization platform, you need something which provides an integrated video paywall that is also secure. 

Having an array of OTT monetization choices and integrations is vital as well, so you do not need to struggle to make the chosen way of earning money fit into your CMS options. 

The most reliable CMS will support three main monetization models such as: 

    • Pay-per-view or TVOD platforms 
    • Advertising or AVOD platforms 

Many CMS provide additional choices to assist you further in customizing the monetization of your content, which include allowing you to provide coders or to make packages to offer bundled content.

This additional flexibility offers you more chances to monetize your video in a way that works best for the business model you choose.


For online brands and professional broadcasters, success is more than simply creating high-quality content your viewers wish to see. Having the best tools to assist you in organizing, storing as well as monetizing the video you make is vital to maximizing your talents without depending on other video streaming services. 

If you need full control over how the video you make is distributed as well as monetized, you want a strong CMS for videos to make the job simpler as well as less frustrating.