5 Corporate Secretarial Services In Singapore

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5 corporate secretarial services in Singapore

Starting a business in Singapore is relatively simple compared to other countries in Asia. That is because the country encourages foreigners to do business by providing them undemanding requirements. One of the requirements that most foreign entrepreneurs favor is 100% foreign ownership. However, to be eligible to incorporate a company in Singapore, every business must hire a company secretary. Some business owners hire a registered Singaporean accountant for this role. While others acquire corporate secretarial services Singapore solutions. Check out this article to know more about company registration in singapore by foreigner.

Due to the requirement that all businesses in Singapore must have one Singaporean corporate secretary, some companies emerged to address this need. They are the company secretarial services Singapore agencies. There are numerous of them existing in Singapore. In this article, we will name five well-known corporate secretarial services Singapore companies.

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Left Right Corporate 

The first on our company secretarial services Singapore list is the Left Right Corporate. This secretarial firm is considered the goldilocks of secretarial business solutions in Singapore. They use and upgrade to the most recent technologies to effectively conduct their services. This firm finds ways to build a relationship with their clients so they can be able to adjust with them. 

For the businesses to benefit from their services, they make time to explain how the corporate secretarial services Singapore tools work. If there are new technologies available, Left Right Corporate will immediately contact their clients to introduce this new technology without being a hassle to them. Aside from company secretarial services, they provide accounting and compliance, annual return filing, tax filing, and bookkeeping services. 

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Rikvin is a company secretarial services Singapore firm that was established in 1998. It earned its reputation as the most trusted provider of corporate support services in Singapore. They had worked with some of the most established brands, not only in the country but also internationally. Some of the clients that they have worked with are ACE, Orissa International, and Found 8. They have worked with PUB, Reliance, EDB, Agoda, and Hawk Aerospace. Nauvata and Hungama were their clients. 

Aside from secretarial assistance, this corporate secretarial services Singapore business gives a variety of services. They have accounting services and taxation services. They serve as business support and computer registration agents. They provide quality services which why their clients call them highly responsive, knowledgeable, and trustworthy professionals.

A1 Business

A company secretarial services Singapore enterprise that has been around since 2017 is A1 Business. As a firm among the senior providers, their services are not only of the best quality but also reasonably priced. This is the main reason why they are the most preferred by many international and local clients. They not only give corporate secretarial services Singapore support but also accounting and auditing ministrations. Their other services include taxation and corporate finance advisory.


Bluemeg is a company secretarial services Singapore franchise that originated in Hong Kong. They were established in Singapore in 2017. Although that was the scenario, they already build a name for themselves when it comes to providing business assistance. They aim to bridge the gap between tailored secretarial services and technology.

Needless to say, they use technology as a means to enhance their services and deliver high satisfaction to their clients. They may be priced higher than the majority of their competitors. However, all clients that have collaborated with them had experienced top quality service that is quite rare. The businesses that can testify for this corporate secretarial services Singapore company are Invest HK, Adobe sign, and Stripe.


If you are looking for a full company secretarial services Singapore solution, BDO is the firm to contact. Their services include secretarial services, corporate finance advisory, risk advisory, and management consulting. They do business audits, business restructuring, and financial auditing. This corporate secretarial services Singapore agency provides tax filing and company registration assistance. They have worked with clients from the real estate, consumer business, construction, and financial industries. Thus, this makes them a firm that can work with any type of business. 

Those are only some of the most well-known company secretarial services Singapore firms. There are plenty more options that you can choose from to get a corporate secretary for your business. If you already have a company secretary, you can always hire these services to lessen the workload of the secretary. As a result, your in-house secretary can focus on meeting the statutory requirements of your business.