What are the Causes of Lyft Accidents, and How Can a Houston Lyft Attorney Help?

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What are the Causes of Lyft Accidents, and How Can a Houston Lyft Attorney Help

The efficiency of Lyft in metropolitan cities across the world is undeniable. However, the increasing number of daily Lyft accidents must be addressed as well. The severity of these accidents cannot be predicted. Some result in injuries, property damage, and, in the worst cases, even fatalities.

If someone rummages through the internet, they will learn that 327 people died in 312 fatal wrecks in Houston in 2021, and 6,930 severe and minor injuries were recorded due to these collisions. The statistics about Lyft accidents have not changed much in the past two years. 

However, the only bright side is that the victims are entitled to some compensation. 

This article will deal with why such grave Lyft mishaps occur and how a Houston Lyft Attorney assists the victim. If an individual or a loved one is involved with such a mishap, it is best to get legal help from an expert Lyft accident lawyer.

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3 Most Typical Reasons Behind Lyft Accidents

Today’s world is becoming more fast-paced, and undoubtedly everyone is in a hurry. People book cabs and want to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. These two factors have a significant effect on road safety. However, these are not the main reasons behind Lyft accidents. 

The top 3 causes are given below:

The Negligence of the Driver

In a city like Houston, it can be hazardous if an unskilled driver is driving a Lyft. They might get distracted while driving, making the vehicle more susceptible to accidents. Drunk driving and speeding are also becoming more common, which is also a serious issue to be addressed. Lyft drivers are often under pressure to meet their quotas, which can lead to aggressive driving behavior and fatigue.

Improper Car Maintenance

Adhering to the responsibility of maintaining the Lyft vehicles should be crucial for all drivers. However, many need to stick to the rules, which can cause a lot of deterioration to the car. Mechanical problems, like brake failures, can be caused by inadequate maintenance and develop into accidents.

Environmental Factors

Weather conditions are under the control of no one. Poor visibility can lead to drivers drifting away from their tracks and ending up in collisions with other vehicles. Moreover, the condition of the road also matters. If the road is not well maintained, is rough, and has potholes, losing control of the car due to excessive jerking becomes common. 

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Ways in Which A Houston Attorney Can Help A Lyft Accident Victim

Any legal personnel suggests that if someone has experienced a Lyft mishap or was in some way involved in it, they should readily hire an accident attorney to guide them through all the processes, be it legal or even medical. 

Here are a few areas in which the attorney can be of assistance:

They Investigate the Accident Thoroughly

Building a solid case requires a robust investigation report, and an attorney is the only one who can do it efficiently. They check police reports and even talk to the spectators to gather as much evidence as possible to determine the cause of the mishap. 

They Establish the Liability for their Client

After determining the cause of the accident, the accident lawyer can help determine who is to be held liable for the tragedy. If it were directly the fault of the driver, then he would be held liable for the victim’s injuries and damages caused. 

They Negotiate with the Insurance Companies

Every insurance company would try to decrease the number of payouts that their customers claim for. In these scenarios, the lawyers know exactly how to talk to and negotiate with the employees of these companies so that their clients can get the compensation they deserve for the misfortune caused to them. 

They gather all the required documentation to get the claim and know the loopholes the insurance company might purposely set. They can dodge all of them and get the correct compensation amount.  

They File a Lawsuit for the Client

More often than not, the insurance companies reject the request for compensation, and this situation can only be resolved with a lawsuit. Attorneys are legal personnel, and it is a lot easier for them to help out their clients in the case and file the lawsuit for them. 


Having a car injury attorney by your side can have numerous advantages, including those listed above. Facing an accident can be devastating. People can make mistakes and even get involved in fraudulent activities because of the sheer stress and frustration caused by the tragedy. 

The Lyft attorney provides the correct amount of guidance through the legal process and can also provide the emotional support that the person needs at that time. Moreover, no one has ever regretted hiring an accident lawyer, and they are always worth the expense.