Traditional Sellers vs. We Buy Houses Companies

Juliet D'cruz

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Traditional Sellers vs. We Buy Houses Companies

Selling a house is a significant decision that requires you to consider all the available options carefully. For decades, house sales have been through real estate agents. However, in recent years, new home buyers have been offering a different approach to home selling that promises fast and hassle-free transactions.

These new home buyers are referred to as ‘we buy houses companies.’ These companies provide faster and more seamless processes than traditional sellers. Therefore, understanding the house-selling process and what to expect is essential to the transaction.

Let’s dive in and explore the key differences between traditional sellers and we-buy-houses companies and why the latter may be a better option.

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Why sell your house to we-buy-houses companies?

There are several benefits to selling your house to we-buy-houses companies. These include the following: 

No Contingencies Required

Traditional home buyers often require contingencies such as inspections, third-party approvals, and financing. These contingencies- specific requirements that must be fulfilled for the sale to close- can slow down the process and sometimes lead to deals falling through.

In contrast, we-buy-houses companies can make instant cash offers and close deals quickly without contingencies.

Faster Closing Process

The closing process with we buy houses companies is much faster than with traditional sellers. While traditional sellers can take months to close a sale, we buy houses companies can close sales within days or weeks as there are no deals and financing complexities. This can be particularly advantageous for homeowners who wish to sell their property quickly.

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Sell Your Home As-Is

Working with we buy houses companies means you can sell your home as-is. You do not need to make any repairs or updates with a we-buy-houses company, unlike traditional sellers who often require sellers to make repairs and updates before closing.

Zero Closing Costs

While traditional home buyers require sellers to pay closing costs, we buy houses companies pay all the closing costs. This means that as a homeowner, you get a cash offer that is all yours to keep.

No Open Houses

By selling your house to we-buy-houses companies, you can avoid the need to hold open houses or showings involving multiple strangers in your home every weekend. This can be especially beneficial if you have children or pets that tend to leave a mess around the house, and you would have to keep the house clean and “showing-ready” for potential buyers.

Seamless and Speedy Process

Many moving parts are often involved with traditional sellers, such as real estate agents, attorneys, and lenders. We buy house companies, however, handle all the legal, financial, and any other obstacles in-house, ensuring the process is seamless and speedy.

Make An Informed Decision

The differences between traditional sellers and we-buy-houses companies are significant. While traditional sellers have been the norm in real estate, we-buy-houses companies offer a faster, easier, and more seamless process. With no contingencies, faster closing, zero closing costs, the ability to sell as-is, and no open houses, we buy houses companies provide a better alternative to house selling.

Ultimately, deciding to work with the rising trend of new home buyers or a traditional seller will depend on the homeowner’s specific situation and priorities. Be sure to do your homework when choosing between the two, and confidently sell your property.