What are Protein Powders For?

Charlotte Miller

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When you are trying to bulk up, and your body is not yet used to having a more extended and more decadent routine, then your body would demand more protein. You can get protein from lean meat, like chicken or turkey. Even dairy products can give you protein. However, with the additional demand for protein, taking in protein powder would be a practical choice. And hence, It is important that you choose the best protein powder for your needs. 

Here’s a short guide on how to choose the right one for you and its corresponding benefits for your lifestyle. 

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How to Choose the Best Protein Powder

There are different kinds of protein powder. Three of the most common varieties are whey, casein protein, and soy. Whey is the go-to one because it is soluble in water. Soy is for people who choose to have a vegetarian lifestyle. Let’s dive right in on how you decide what protein powder to get.

First, you should know precisely how much protein you need. This is to prevent you from not getting enough protein to lose your muscle mass or injure yourself. 

Second, you need to consider why you would use protein powder over lean meat. There are a variety of reasons, as pointed out above. Others use them for convenience because you can prepare them as shakes, which do not require as much preparation as cooking lean meat. 

You can use them when you do not have the appetite to eat protein-riched food.a You do not need an extravagant reason to prefer protein powder over lean meat, and pointing this out to yourself may help you become less guilty about it. 

Third, you have to know the different kinds of protein powders and see how they fit your goal. There are milk-based ones like whey and casein. There are also plant-based ones like soy, rice, and pea protein. 

As mentioned earlier, whey is the most common. Whey protein powder assists in building muscle mass and preserves the gained muscle mass. Moreover, they satiate hunger, which means you would not have to reach out for a protein bar after a workout. 

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Different Types of Protein

Casein protein can improve body composition during resistance training. They have this advantage over whey protein. 

Soy protein powder is a vegetarian option. Although they do not dissolve in water as quickly as whey, you can still enjoy soy protein as shakes. The benefit of choosing soy protein powder is that they contain low amounts of saturated fat and do not have cholesterol. 

Rice and Pea proteins are not complete proteins, so they are commonly combined. Both are also hypoallergenic and are not pricey. Pea has high amino acid content such as lysine, glutamine, and arginine, while rice protein is low in lysine. This is why they’re commonly combined; it’s to complement each other. 

Lastly, you have to consider your budget. It would be best if you do not buy an expensive protein powder thinking that it’s the best protein powder for you. Do your research first and consider the tips above. 

Using protein powder has many health benefits and can be used to replace your meat intake. Moreover, you can prepare them in different ways, so they are never dull to take!