The Best Medicinal Plants 

Charlotte Miller

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Medicinal plants (herbs) are useful traditional medicine that has been passed from generation to generation since the beginning of time. Over time, plants have been used to produce chemicals for treating various ailments such as headaches, stomach pains, and many other ailments. Medicinal plants for medicine can be consumed in a couple of ways such as; in tea, as a garnish, as oil, or a pill. While herbal medicines are natural it is always essential to consult your doctor on the ailment you are having if it requires other early treatment solutions. To help you choose the best plants for your ailment, in this post, we share some of the best medicinal plants. Read on. 

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The lavender plant is synonymous with its aromatic scent and capability to calm anyone’s nerves. You can drink this nourishing and serene Lavender as a tea, to help you ease off from the hustle and bustle of a long day at work and have a well deserving good night rest. Lavender oil is well known for tension relieving, stress management, skincare and also known for massage treatments and hair treatment as well.


Basil is one of the best medicinal plants, we have been using this edible vegetable in our meals without knowing that it’s also good for our health. Also known as Ocimum basilicum – Basil is a well-known herb used as a garnish for pasta, salads, and many other meals. It is a rich source of minerals and vitamins like iron, and vitamin K. This makes it a great solution for treating various ailments such as diabetes and fever. Some of the health benefits include: stress reduction, antibacterial properties, antioxidants, prevents effects of ageing, reduces swelling, strengthens bones, boosts metabolism, immunity, Improves digestion

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If you are looking for a way that will help you develop your sixth sense, search no further than the Marigold plant. Also known as Tagetes, this medicinal plant produces a nourishing fragrance. It has bright and colourful flowers, and these flowers are responsible for carrying antioxidants and various other healthy elements. By having this plant at your home, you are sure to reap healthy body benefits, enlightenment, and insects at bay.


The Rosemary plant is also known as Rosmarinus Officinalis. The medical plant is jam-packed with minerals and vitamins essential for a plethora of body functions. Some of the great benefits include improved memory and hair growth. Just a cup of Rosemary tea on a regular basis – assures you of leading a successful hair re-growth process and a great study time. Some of the benefits of the Rosemary plant include treatment of bad breath, healthy liver, reduced inflammation, and improved blood circulation.


If you are a foodie then you definitely know about the Thyme herbs. Also known as Thymus Vulgaris – this herb is a common herb for cooking. What makes this herb a special and healthy edible is that it contains Thymol, which is mainly found in vapour rubs and mouthwash. Thymol is rich in antibacterial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. The Thyme herb also aids in the prevention of food-based illnesses as it has decontamination properties.


Also known as Allium sativum, garlic is famous with the vampire warding charms. It also keeps diseases at bay. It’s also used interchangeably in preparing various meals. And this super-medicinal plant is known to cure a plethora of ailments and infections like maintenance of normal cholesterol levels and many more! If you eat garlic on a regular basis, this gives you assurance for a healthy body. So make sure to add garlic to your meals.