What Are Nangs In Australia?

Charlotte Miller

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If you are located in Australia, you will encounter the term nangs when whipped cream is being discussed. Of course, nangs are a very important component of the whipped cream dispenser, since it’s one of the main parts of the whipped cream chargers. Therefore, this is a vital thing to know about, especially if you are planning to create your version of whipped cream for business or just for fun in the comfort of your own home. 

Nangs is one of the terms that’s widely used in Australia when it comes to nitrous oxide, which has the other term ‘laughing gas’. Regardless of the term, nangs are nitrous oxide containers that people use for medical or for food purposes. In the case of medical purposes, this is the gas that’s often used to prevent the feeling of pain, as the doctor placed a safe amount of gas to keep the patient dozed for a long time. 

However, this is oftentimes abused by the wrong set of people who did not even study the profession where this type of gas is correctly used. Nitrous oxide is also known to be addicting once you inhale too much of it. After all, it is used by doctors to prevent the sensation of pain for patients during surgery, as the gas lightens the head of the patient enough to keep them asleep. Thus, the term nangs are also used as a street name for people who are hooked up to nitrous oxide.

But forget all that stuff, because nangs are safe once handled by the right people, such as doctors and chefs. The nangs present in whipped cream chargers have adequate amounts of nitrous oxide that’s solely meant to whip the food that you want to place in your whipped cream dispenser. With the good reputation that nangs have received, this term is now being used widely for whipped cream chargers in Australia.

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What Does A Nang Look Like?

Nang looks like a cylindrical piece of metal that contains enough amounts of N2O to provide the benefit of whipping the cream in a whipped cream dispenser without the need to mix the cream for several minutes. Also called whippets and bulbs, aside from chargers, nangs often contain only 8 grams of nitrous oxide, which is only meant for food consumption. Gladly the seal of the nangs ensures that it is designed solely for releasing the gas once the dispenser is ready to be used for your whipped cream. 

Nangs are very easy to find anywhere in Australia. You can get one at a low price of $10, and it even comes in packs of 7 to 10 pieces of whipped cream chargers. You can also find them in corner stores scattered all around the country, making it easy to access for everyone who wants to make whipped cream at home. Gladly, most corner stores nowadays do not just sell this right off the bat. Some may even ask their buyers first what to do with the product before allowing them to buy one. Now you can even get nangs delivered from various companies.  

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How Does It Work?

Nangs work in a way where it releases the nitrous oxide sealed in it once you follow its instructions in opening it. A sealed dispenser for whipped cream is designed just right for the nangs, as the amount of gas stored in the nangs is just enough for the whipped cream charger’s average size. In this way, you will never have to worry about excess air that might leak out of the dispenser, or if there will be a lack of nitrous oxide to release to keep your cream whipped once you press the nozzle.

When it comes to nangs, take note that some can be recyclable, while others are simply disposable. For the recyclable nangs, take note that you should know how to handle nitrous oxide the right way, and you must be authorized to use it. In that way, you will never have a problem reusing the whipped cream chargers over and over again so then you won’t have to buy new nang to use for your whipped cream. 

Take note that nangs are perfectly safe, as long as you are using them right. You should thank science for its marvelous wonders in making new types of food that we love and enjoy, such as how whipped cream can be processed quickly with a bit of chemistry, rather than the physics of mixing it for some minutes. 

So what are you waiting for? Be sure to get top-quality nangs now if you want to make the right type of whipped cream that can be sprayed with the right dispenser and charger. 

How To Transport And Store Your Whipped Cream Chargers

Whipped cream chargers are known to be one of the most important components when it comes to storing whipped cream. Thus, this is an important item for confectionery and other food enthusiasts that would love to add whipped cream to anything they want to make. Whipped cream chargers have become famous because whipping cream is easier done with this type of product. That’s why it is highly regarded as a very important product to take care of.

Some people have taken the wrong care of the whipped cream chargers, causing them to waste the product in the process. Gladly, some experts have shared their opinions when it comes to preserving the quality of the whipped cream chargers, especially if you are not going to use them yet. 

In this article, you will learn the different tips on how to keep your whipped cream chargers to safety without breaking them or causing something wrong to happen to the N2O that’s sealed in these nifty cylinders. The tips here are perfect for most people who are planning to deliver the whipped cream chargers for shipment, or if you run a restaurant business and need to properly take care of this nifty tool in your kitchen.

Your Cream Is Safe In The Canister!

Whipped cream chargers and canisters are made of stainless steel, making them perfect to add to your whipped cream canisters, as the quality of the food will never get ruined. Therefore, storing whipped cream will never be a problem with the whipped cream chargers. Additionally, the whipped cream chargers will never rust even if you expose them to water. This ensures that the cream that you are going to whip with it will never get ruined.

Tips in Transporting Whipped Cream Chargers

When transporting your whipped cream chargers either for delivery, make sure that you are simply driving carefully. When carrying it as you walk, be sure to do the same. Never, ever shake the container of the whipped cream chargers, or cause too much friction to the chargers, as it may cause the N2O to leak out and cause issues once it’s time to use the whipped cream chargers to the canisters.

When transferring whipped cream chargers to a different place, make sure that you do not expose the chargers in dirty or dusty places. A little bit of dirt on the whipped cream chargers might cause an issue on the product such as leakage or might ruin the quality of the N2O. Thus, it’s best to keep them wrapped and hidden to avoid any unnecessary exposure. And if there’s anything else regarding the transport of the whipped cream chargers, make sure that it is not exposed in a very hot part of your vehicle.

Tips in Keeping Your Whipped Cream Chargers

To properly store your whipped cream chargers, the very first thing that you might need to consider is to keep them in a place that’s not too hot. Take note that you are handling nitrous oxide, which is a type of non-flammable gas, but might lose its quality if exposed for a long time in a hot place. That’s why you should keep it on a shelf as soon as you start keeping them in your house or restaurant kitchen. Some also prefer the unusual method of keeping the whipped cream chargers inside the fridge, even if they are not in use yet, which is perfectly safe as long as you don’t put it in a freezer. 

When it comes to storing the whipped cream chargers and canisters together once your whipped cream is in it, be sure to understand how long the whipped cream will last. The charger has no expiration date, but the cream does. That’s why you must use the whipped cream soon once you assemble the whipped cream chargers, canisters, and the cream inside it. Otherwise, your whipped cream charger will just go to waste and will be rendered useless. 

If you are also going to keep the whipped cream charger and canister once the dispenser has been charged, take note that there is no need to take the charger holder off. You may keep it or not; it does not matter as it does not have that much of an impact on your whipped cream dispenser. 

These are the best tips that will surely help you out a lot in taking care of your precious whipped cream chargers. Take note that you can also recycle them if you want to find an eco-friendly solution that can help you save money for buying a new batch of chargers to supply your restaurant or the urge to make more whipped cream. It’s best to be more knowledgeable with this type of product, even if it provides the one obvious way of applying a supply of N2O to your whipped cream.