Top Ways to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

Charlotte Miller

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There is a wide array of mobile phone types and operating systems in the market today. The most common ones are the Android and iPhone devices. These two have dissimilar operating systems which makes it difficult to share data and applications directly across the two phones. One main app that may require to be transferred is WhatsApp when you change your phone from iPhone to android. 

Even though the iPhone’s IOS operating system is not the same as the Android, it is possible to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. Wondering how this move can be done? That is why reading this article is the right action for you to take right now. I am just about to tell you the best software to move WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android. You are about to discover Wondershare MobileTrans software, it is the tool for WhatsApp iPhone to Android.

What is the Need for WhatsApp Transfer? 

One of the headaches that come with a change of phone is the continuity of functionalities that were being enjoyed on the old phone. Many of us would love to have our music collections, pictures, contacts, and messages transferred to the new device. WhatsApp chat history and the media files shared is one important app that needs to be moved. 

WhatsApp has gone beyond being a random messaging platform. It has become a tool for business. So you won’t desire to lose important business conversations because you changed your phone from iPhone to Android. There is a need to move the WhatsApp messages from the iPhone to Android. 

Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer

The answer to the question of how to transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android is MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer. MobileTrans is a software for desktop developed by Wondershare. This software converts the WhatsApp data on the IOS operating system to a compatible format for the Android device. 

The desktop then acts as the conversion portal through the MobileTrans software. The software also makes it possible for WhatsApp backup on the desktop. This backup can be restored to any mobile phone when it is needed. It is even possible to export the WhatsApp chat into a PDF document through MobileTrans.

How to use MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to android

The good thing about the use of MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer is the simplicity of its operation. In practice, it takes an average of three clicks to have your WhatsApp messages moved from the iPhone to the Android phone. Read below the three major steps to use MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer. 

  1. Download the MobileTrans software for the desktop and install it on your computer. Once the software is running, select the WhatsApp transfer option.
  1. The next action is to use USB cords to connect both the iPhone and Android devices to the computer. Then allow access to the phones by selecting the ‘transfer WhatsApp messages’ option.
  1. Wait for the screen to display the two phones and then click the start button at the base of the page to start the WhatsApp transfer. 

The final step is just to chill over a bottle of juice for the process to complete. Ensure to keep the two phones connected while the transfer proceeds. Then begin to enjoy your conversations on the new device without obstruction or loss of data. 

More WhatsApp Transfer from iPhone to Android Options. 

There are more ways to transfer WhatsApp from IOS to Android. MobileTrans software is the best option but it may not be available due to some limitations. Don’t worry if that is your situation as there are other methods to get your WhatsApp moved. Three other methods are so highlighted below:

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Wondershare Wutsapper Application

Wutsapper is an android application from Wondershare. Once the application is installed on the android phone, it can facilitate the WhatsApp transfer. The two phones are connected with a USB OTG cable to allow the app to access the phone files. The WhatsApp data is discovered on the iPhone and it is moved over to Android over a few clicks. 

New WhatsApp function in Samsung Z Fold and Z Flip 3

There is a new function for moving WhatsApp on the new Samsung Z Fold and Flip 3. This is enabled by a smart switch application. The device must have a smart switch with a version of at least The two phones are connected with a USB-C to lightning cable. There is a limitation on the WhatsApp version that can allow this function. The minimum WhatsApp version on the iPhone must be at least

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Chat Backup Method 

The chat backup option is the usual traditional WhatsApp method. The backup can be saved on Google Drive which makes it available when there is a change of device. Ensure to save the most recent WhatsApp data backup to your Google Drive on the old iPhone before trying the installation on the new Android. Download WhatsApp on Android and ask to restore the backup from Google Drive. Select the same Google Drive account where the backup is saved and you will have it restored in minutes. 

More Functions of MobileTrans

There are more reasons for you to have the MobileTrans software installed on your computer beyond the WhatsApp transfer function. It can do much more than that. This software can be used to transfer other phone files like contacts, videos, pictures, and music between different devices and operating systems. 

It can also be used for file backup on the computer or exported to external storage devices. Interestingly, MobileTrans is not only compatible with WhatsApp, but it can also be used for Kik, Wechat, LINE, and Viber


MobileTrans offers a simple transfer of WhatsApp from iPhone to Android with easy clicks. It does not stop there, it also offers more functions in backing up and moving different files and media across devices. Nothing should stop you now from trying out the software for free.