What Are Managed IT Services and How Can They Help Your Business?

Charlotte Miller

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The managed services industry is booming. Companies large and small are beginning to outsource their IT operations and trimming their internal teams. That’s why the managed IT industry grew to $152.05 billion in 2020.

The question is, are managed IT services worth investing in for your business? Keep reading to learn what a managed IT company is and the benefits of working with one brings to companies.

What Are Managed IT Services

A managed IT service is a type of outsourcing service that ensures your IT is in good hands. Rather than having the responsibility of keeping your computers functioning (which can be time-consuming), you hand it over to a professional service.

With managed IT services, you only deal with one company that handles all your technology. They’ll handle your tech purchases, IT staffing, vendor communications and install your IT infrastructure on your behalf.

Benefits of Managed IT Services

You don’t need to work with a managed IT company to get tech work done for your company. You can always hire someone as an employee for your company. Let’s look at what the best managed IT services can offer and why it’s better than hiring someone yourself.

Save Money

Many business owners don’t take into account the additional costs an employee brings when they hire someone. You also have to consider payroll taxes, benefits, and anything else you offer that makes your company appealing. You also have to remember that you have these costs for each member of your IT team.

You don’t have these concerns with a managed services provider. You pay their fee and let them worry about paying the IT talent. In most cases, your cost will be less than hiring a team to handle your needs.

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Scale Your IT Team

It isn’t always feasible to hire new employees every time you need to scale your business. It takes time and money to find someone qualified to handle the job. If your needs regularly change, you’ll get stuck in a cycle of hiring and letting go of IT employees.

With a managed services provider, you don’t have this issue. Every time your needs change, call up your contact person and request changes to your service level. You’ll only pay for the resources your company needs.

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Secure Your Company

Business security is essential to any company. Managed IT services can help provide IT protection for your business. They’ll offer you various services to make sure your business’ data is secure and confidential.

In most cases, they’ll provide you with security software and monitor threats to your business’ systems before the real damage occurs. Once you have your IT protection set up, it’s time to train your team not to make careless mistakes online. Your IT provider can provide that training to your team, so your employees don’t compromise your company’s internet security.

Comply With Regulations

If you’re in a regulated industry, you may need a managed IT service. To be compliant with regulations, you must have your business’ data protected and secure.

Unfortunately, these regulations can change based on your company’s industry. Healthcare, for instance, needs to comply with HIPPA regulations. If your company handles financial information, you’ll need to follow all PCI compliance laws.

Finding a provider specializing in your industry means they’ll know what you need to follow the law. You can count on them to make sure you don’t get caught in an audit for compromising your customer’s data.

Get Equipment Monitoring

Many companies keep their equipment up for years without upgrading it. When they need technology upgrades, they usually have to call in a technician and pay them to install the new servers, computers, or networks. When this happens, you’ll face interruptions during your day that can impact productivity.

Managed IT services like https://www.ctechgroup.ca/top-calgary-it-services/ can provide professional monitoring services to make sure your hardware is running optimally. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your IT team will take care of any problems with your systems before something breaks. If they find equipment going bad, they can replace it before you suffer business interruptions.

Have Support at All Times

You’re better off having support at your fingertips than waiting for someone to get back to you with answers. Managed IT services offer support 24/7/365. Rather than relying on email and voice messages, your company can get help when you need it by tapping into their IT resources.

Your employees shouldn’t have to wait for problems to be solved during business hours. When they need help, they can get it immediately without complications.

Get New Tech Quickly

As a business owner, you know your needs will change. Your company could need new IT equipment or software, and you want to get it without waiting. If your company is working with a managed IT service, you can get what you need whenever you need it.

They’ll take care of the purchasing process for your company, so all upgrades are always in stock and ready to go as needed. They’ll even install the new tools at the same time if they can.

This isn’t limited to your current IT infrastructure, either. Your IT team will watch the latest tech trends to see if there is anything your business can use. If they find something interesting, they’ll let you know so you can decide if it’s worth buying for your company.

Get Help From IT Experts Today

You don’t need to hire someone in-house to manage your company’s IT needs. Get in touch with a managed IT services provider in your area to see what they can offer your company. You can get the benefits of tech without needing an IT department of your own.

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