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Charlotte Miller

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If you want to tackle any area related to the Internet, it is important to understand the basics of design.  This is where website design or landing page design and development comes in, and this is a skill that you will definitely want to showcase your creativity in.

Choosing the right color along with the right elements plays an important role when creating a website.  However, one wrong element can distract customers from your site.

There are many trends in website design, some are outdated and others are relevant.  Moreover, it is not only about the knowledge you acquire, but also how much practice you do.  If you just read and research it won’t be enough.

Web development is also intertwined with web design.

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What is website design?

First, a website is a combination of web pages that appear on the Internet.  They are usually downloaded using the https or http protocol.  Some websites will need www, while for others you can opt out of it and it will still work.  There are millions of websites on the web, so it’s important to try to make yours as unique as possible.  To stand out, you need to be creative, unique, and professional.

Moreover, website design is the creative task of making a web page more attractive and professional.

In website design, you should keep in mind that color plays a big role in how your site will be judged.  The font you use also plays a role in how your visitors will react to your site.

A font that is harder to read is often cut off, while a font that is too spaced makes the reader feel like the script is endless.  So, you need to find a balance between the two.

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The importance of knowing website design

  • For starters, you will become more open and creative in certain aspects.  You will be able to figure out what is best to use and what is best to leave.
  • You can easily work with web developers;  (front-end developers, back-end developers and full stack developers).
  • You can easily advance in any area related to the Internet.
  • Knowledge of website design is also important because you will acquire skills such as creating animations, gifs, image and video editing.
  • If you are creating your own website, you do not have to go to a professional for services, only to fix it.
  • In web design, you can also learn some programming languages   such as PHP, JavaScript and jQuery.  Over time, you can easily decide to advance in programming languages.

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Latest Website Design Tricks and Tips

Every website designer should be aware of all the current trends in this area.  This will help you to be on the sidelines while others are moving forward.

1) Minimal use of slideshows

Slideshows were popular in the past, but over time people switched to using moving images and pictures.  You can select one picture, but change the words shown there.  For example, words can appear cyclically – this makes the site very beautiful.

Another new trend is that image components are loaded at different times, such as a house with trees and the sun in the background.  Thus, when the web page is loaded, the house appears first, then the trees, and finally the sun.  As a web designer, you can easily change such an image this way.

2) Compress site files

Compression is when you reduce the size of images, videos, files and content in order to shorten the website load time.  There are various tools that you can use to measure and view the amount of compression to be performed.

By compressing images and shortening loading times, your site will attract more visitors.  A recent study found that the typical website visitor usually stays on a web page for 8 seconds before getting annoyed and leaving.  This way, if the website loads faster, someone can easily see what he / she wants and continue with the website.

3) Responsive websites

As a web designer, you are responsible for the responsiveness of your website.  You need to make sure it is mobile compatible on all devices.  This is why you need to know what code to add to keep your website responsive.

However, usually people think that this is the role of the web developer, when in fact it is the role of the web designer.

4) Applying global changes

When you apply global changes, you use certain techniques that change the entire page, instead of going through each section to change a specific style.  This entails using an asterisk as a selector and you should be able to change everything on this page.

However, this should not force you to abandon your usual coding.  Tricks are good, but using them in moderation is an even bigger trick.

It is important to constantly develop and learn something new.  This will help you be one of the best in your field.  But before that, it is important to study everything to the smallest detail and follow this link to contact the professionals.