Top Tips to Becoming a Successful Plumber

Charlotte Miller

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Top Tips to Becoming a Successful Plumber

Being a plumber is one of the most important, hands-on jobs around. While many office workers have been forced to work from home throughout the pandemic, tradesmen and plumbers have still been needed just as much as ever.

Studies reveal that plumbers and electricians were the most in-demand tradespeople during lockdown in 2020. 

But what makes a successful plumber stand out against the crowd? In this article, we share a few top tips on how to grow your plumbing career.

Make Use of Existing Customers

One of the easiest ways to get more business, isn’t always by placing focus on gaining new customers, but rather by upselling and checking in with existing customers. Recent reports have proven that existing customers are 31% more likely to spend more with businesses, as the probability of selling to an existing customer is between 60% and 70%. There are several ways you can upsell to existing customers:

    – Remind them of when they are due a routine service check

    – Offer them discounted services as a reward for their loyalty

    – Offer new products at a special price to make them feel valued 

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Invest in High Quality Equipment 

While the old saying going “a bad workman blames his tool” we have to disagree and point out that you really are only as good as your tools allow you to be! Essentially, if you turn up to a job ill-prepared or with the wrong equipment, chances are you’re going to struggle, and could even make a bad impression if it’s a new customer you’re dealing with. Investing in high quality tools is a sure way to ensure you can perform your duties to the best of your abilities. From plungers to pliers, to spanners and wrench parts – be sure to do thorough research to ensure you have the best and newest equipment available on the market today. 

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Conduct Yourself With Professionalism 

Sometimes tradesmen can get a bad wrap for coming into peoples homes in their work boots, creating a mess in order to fix the problem and them simply leaving and moving on to the next job. How you conduct yourself around your clients can have a huge impact on retaining the customer, and even securing new customers if they praise you to their neighbours, family, and friends. Always be polite upon entering people’s homes – if they have carpet, offer to take off your shoes when you come in to show that you are considerate of their homes. Alongside this, clear up any mess after yourself and leave the room exactly as you found it. This includes returning cups of tea they may have offered you and sweeping up any debris that may be left behind from your repair work.