Trading for beginners: how to start trading online

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Many people think that only featured can engage in trading. However, if you understand the theory, and gradually learn by doing, you can achieve results in the near future. It is especially important to choose the right forex trade platforms. How to start making money?

Basic Steps

It’s no secret that working with numbers, graphs, and news is very exhausting. However, in this case, you need to get priorities and understand what you should pay attention to.

Step 1: Choosing a reliable broker

What is the best broker for a beginner online trader? There are several brokers you can choose from. It is important that this is a proven platform with a reputation.

Step 2: Creating a trading system

The trading method helps to understand when to trade and when it is better to abstain. It will also help you organize your thoughts and your approach so that you can get more predictable and consistent results.

Tracking your trading ideas, whether your analysis has worked, what are results of your transaction settings, is vital information. It allows you to learn from your mistakes and improve your methods.

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Step 3: Risk Management

The next step is to understand the benefits of risk management. Once you have finished testing your systems on a free demo account, you can take the next step and start trading on a real account.

Sometimes traders are not aware of the risks when they start trading. For example, some traders do not use a stop loss, which is critical. As it allows traders to limit their risk on each trade.

Another problem is that some traders take on too much risk and may use too much leverage. Traders with a low level of risk are better prepared for potential drawdowns when the market is changing against their system. Lower losses will help traders recover faster and be profitable again when their strategy is back on track.

Step 4: Finding the Right Trading Style

Traders don’t know exactly which methods suit them best. They often change trading styles and online trading methods. In the beginning, it is good because traders need time to find the style and approach that suits them.

It is important to understand that a strategy that works well for “Trader A” may not necessarily work well for “Trader B”. For example, “Trader A” will get the best results while scalping, but “Trader B” may have too little time for this style of trading.

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Step 5: Start online trading

If you feel that you are ready to try your hand at trading on the online markets, but do not want to risk your money, the perfect place to get trading experience will be a demo account.

Being an online trader, you can work from almost any place where there is an Internet connection. It can be a hotel, a cafe, at the same time in any geographical point of the world.

What should you pay attention to?

When trading on the markets, it is important to know the following:

  • your financial objectives in the short and long term;
  • what level of risk you’re prepared for;
  • how much time  you can devote to trade;
  • how many strategies you can analyse and apply;
  • what and how you are motivated to engage in trade.

It is also important to know what trading style, tools and indicators you like to use in your work.

Traders have great opportunities to grow and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. At the same time, Internet trading needs as much caution as in traditional trade.