Find All The Top Cat Hashtags To Use Right Here!

Charlotte Miller

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Cat lovers, we’ve got all the best cat hashtags ready for you to use in this piece designed to help you find lots of fabulous feline photographs and videos on Instagram!  This piece is also for cat-related businesses looking to grow their fans.  With the right cat hashtags, you will get your cat photographs and images in front of a wider audience and we’ll tell you more when you read on.

Cat Hashtags for Cat Businesses

Whether you run a cattery looking after cats while their owners are on vacation, or you make homemade cat food, perhaps you have a pet shop? Then getting your brand in front of the right audience is really important.  Social media can do that for you, as long as you know about social media strategies for black-owned businesses. However, as well as great social media strategies, there are more things that you need to know about, such as the right cat hashtags to use for your content (our list is below, keep reading!).

Never Use More than 10 Hashtags Per Cat Post

When you choose your cat hashtags, be aware that Instagram has a limit of number of cat hashtags per post.  The maximum number of cat hashtags allowed is 30 but don’t rush out and start typing up 30 hashtags because remember, posts with 30 hashtags always looks untidy and cluttered.  We would recommend no more than 10 cat hashtags per post.  We’d also recommend finding a suitable name for your cat’s account, something that stands out from a crowd.

More On Growing Engagement Online

Other things you can do to improve engagement with your cat photo or cat video is to add emojis, filters and stickers (all available on Instagram).  Don’t forget to tag other businesses or people and add a location if you’re a local business.  Here’s more on learning how to highlight your post.  

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Just Like to View Cat Photographs and Videos?

Perhaps you’re not a cat business or you have no interest in growing your Instagram account but you just love looking at cat and kitten images!  We don’t blame you, so do we. To search for the best cat images, use our hashtags in the below list.  Place them into the Instagram search bar and watch millions of results pop up. You can also click on hashtags direct from post to display even more cat images.

Our Top Recommended Cat Hashtags

Without further delay, here’s a list of the most popular cat hashtags to use when searching for cat pictures:

  • #cat.  The top cat hashtag of all may be obvious but it works!  If you want to see millions of cat videos and cat photographs, then this is the right cat hashtag to use on your posts or in the search bar.
  • #kitten.  Like #cat, this is another truly popular cat hashtag to use when searching or posting cat pictures and videos.  Even if your cat is no longer a kitten, you can still use it as others do too.
  • #cutecat.  If you’re looking for extra-cuteness in fluffy form or you’re convinced that your cat is the cutest of all (we’re sure you’re right!), then try this popular cat hashtag in the search bar or when posting.  It’s guaranteed to deliver lots of cuteness to your Insta screen!.
  • #catsofInstagram.  This cat hashtag was created especially for cat lovers on Instagram and is used to display lots of gorgeous fluffy results.  Add it to your list of cat hashtags when posting.
  • #catlovers.  This is another extremely popular and favorite cat hashtags that cat accounts and cat fans use when looking for cat related posts.  Add it to your cat hashtag list.
  • #kitty.  Simply another word for cat, this is a very popular cat hashtag that lots of people use when posting cat images.  Try it to see what it delivers for you.
  • #catsagram.  Another shorter version of #catsofInstagram, this doesn’t return as many millions of cat photographs and cat videos but it’s still a very important cat hashtag in its own right.
  • #instacat.  Another hashtag created by Instagrammers for Insta cat fans.  Add this one to your list of cat hashtags.
  • #blackcat #whitecat #gingercat #tabbycat etc.  If your cat is a specific color, highlight it or add a characteristic to a hashtag.  Lots of people can’t get enough of white cats so that’s what they’ll search for!

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Cat Hashtags – Final Words

We hope that we’ve helped you to add cat hashtags to your Instagram posts or with searching for the best cat photographs or videos.  Don’t use more than ten hashtags per post and add in one of your own that’s unique to your cat so as people get to know your account, when they want to see your cat in action, they know exactly what to search for!