Tops For Women: Know Which Colors & Patterns Are Trendy This Summer

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Tops For Women: Know Which Colors & Patterns Are Trendy This Summer

Now that summer’s here, it’s time to refresh your closet with new styles. Many different hues and prints can be seen on tops for women this year. There is a wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, from modern to vintage. This summer, you may feel confident and put together a top that complements your unique style, whether it’s a colourful and lively design or a classic and timeless style.


  • Bold hue

Colours like electric blue, vivid green, and hot pink are all the rage this summer. Add a splash of colour and a carefree spirit to your ensemble with these hues. They look great on their own or paired with other statement colours. You may tone down the boldness of the colour by matching it with black or white bottoms and accessories. 

Choose an eye-catching accessory, like a colourful blazer or clutch, to inject some personality into your ensemble.

  • Pastels

Soft pastels such as lavender, baby blue, and pink are perennial summertime favourites. These hues are dreamy and ideal for a woman’s bedroom. You may wear them on a date or a casual outing. You may wear them alone or pair them with other pastels to create an ethereal ensemble. Pastel tops for women may be worn with neutral bottoms, or a strong accent can be added for visual interest.

  • Neutrals

Colours in the neutral range, such as beige, cream, and khaki, are quite adaptable. You can’t go wrong with these hues if you’re going for a traditional aesthetic. A neutral-colored shirt may be dressed up with a skirt or down with denim shorts, depending on the occasion.  You may spice up your look by playing with textures or by adding a statement accessory.

  • Metallic tones

Gold, silver, and bronze are just a few of the metallic tones that can make any ensemble seem more luxurious. You can’t go wrong with these hues for a formal event or a night on the town. To avoid looking too garish, try mixing metallic tops for women with solid-colored bottoms or trying out new materials like leather or denim. Add a metallic handbag and heels to round off the ensemble.

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  • Floral

Floral patterns are a summertime classic that never go out of style. The trend this year is for massive flower patterns. The bolder, more striking design of these prints makes them ideal for drawing attention. For a cute and flirtatious style, try on an oversized flowery top or dress. You may tone down the design by wearing it with solid-colored bottoms or accessorising with simple, understated pieces. For a more laid-back vibe, try throwing on a denim jacket or cardigan over your flowery tops for women.

  • Stripes

Stripes are another timeless design that works well in the warmer months. Stripes, especially bright ones, are fashionable this season. A striped shirt may be dressed up with a skirt or down with denim shorts, depending on the occasion. Choose a striped stylish tops for women in a colour that works well with your skin tone for a well-rounded look. Stripes of varying widths look well together, and a solid-colored accent may add visual interest.

  • Animal print

Fun and edgy for the summer are animal patterns like leopard and zebra. These patterns are really trendy this season. A shirt with an animal design may be worn both casually with jeans and formally with a skirt. Put together a well-balanced ensemble by wearing stylish tops for women with solid-colored trousers and accessorising with neutral pieces. You may also try out a variety of animal print options, or inject some contrast with a brightly hued accessory.

  • Tie-dye

Tie-dye is a fun, dated design that has made a comeback this summer. You may dress up a tie-dye blouse by pairing it with a skirt, or wear it casually with denim shorts. Use solid-colored bottoms or neutral accessories to ground the look you’re going for with a tie-dye top. You may try out various tie-dye designs, such as swirls or stripes, or complement your outfit with a striking accent colour.

  • Polka dots

Polka dots are an ever-popular and time-tested design element. This season’s trend is for larger polka dots. These bigger dots are a great way to inject some whimsy into your wardrobe. You may dress up a polka dot stylish tops for women by pairing it with a skirt for a formal event, or go casual by pairing it with denim shorts for a day out. Pair the polka dot top with solid-colored bottoms and neutral accessories for a well-balanced outfit. You may also play around with varying the size of the polka dots or include a contrast item in a bright hue.

  • Gingham

Gingham is a traditional summer design that works well for an outdoor event like a picnic. Extra-large checks are trending this season. Gingham tops are versatile enough to be worn both casually with denim shorts and formally with a skirt. Gingham tops may be worn with solid-colored bottoms and neutral accessories to create a well-balanced outfit. Gingham comes in a variety of colours; try out pink or blue for a change, or add a splash of contrast with a bright accessory.


To successfully pull off these on-trend hues and prints, it’s important to strike a balance between them. Bold colours should be used with neutral bottoms and neutral or solid-colored accessories. To spice up a boring ensemble, try playing with texture and adding a few striking accessories.