Top Promotional Product Trends for 2021

Charlotte Miller

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Keeping up with the newest trend can be a daunting task, especially if it’s concerning promotional products. So, what are the top offline promotional trends for 2021 you might be asking? If you take your time and conduct research, you’ll most likely come up with a similar list of the most effective promotional products.

So, to do you a solid, here are the most popular offline promotional products for 2021 that you should consider giving a try.

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Promotional t-shirts as an Offline marketing method

Branded t-shirts are a form of print publication that can potentially play a major role for every start-up and existing business willing to advance its marketing plan. By every standard, promotional t-shirts are very effective as a marketing strategy. This marketing strategy does not necessarily need a big budget to kick off. So, even if your enterprise is operating on a skimpy budget, you can still manage to use this strategy to promote your business and expand brand awareness.

Promotional t-shirts marketing strategy is very effective for medium and small-sized businesses that can’t afford to compete with large corporations and enterprises.

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Silicone Wristband

Silicone Wristbands are fashionable accessories that are well known and liked by most people of various age groups. In most cases, they are tailored to demonstrate the support the wearers have for a cause or organization. They play the same role as the awareness ribbons. That said, they can also be adopted for other utilization like promoting businesses, gym access, custom luggage labels and much more. Wristbands can also be an ultimate promotional item to incorporate in music fests and trade shows. They considerably increase brand visibility and brand awareness.


A lanyard is a strap or cord that’s worn around the shoulder, neck, or wrist to clutch lightweight items such as identification cards or keys. They are very popular and handy accessories. Almost everybody uses them from school children to routine office workers and also the elderly. Lanyards are not only extremely handy in securing items from being misplaced, but they can also be very relevant in increasing brand visibility and awareness.

Social distancing beeper

As we go through this challenging year due to the covid-19 pandemic, there are numerous items in the market that have promotional potential, and will also go a long way in proving to your customers that your business cares. One of these items is the social distancing beeper. This beeper sounds an alarm whenever a person oversteps the laid-out boundaries. This keeps you at a safe distance from other people.

Return to office items

Important sanitation amenities that maintain the cleanliness of the working areas will also boost employee’s morale to stay productive. This presents an opportunity to create a product that can be used for promotional purposes while doing its primary job. And based on the covid-19 situation, they have a big potential to become a very popular marketing product trend in 2021.

When considering the type of product to use for promotional purposes, adopt an outside-the-box thinking. Research and think of the products that can’t be found everywhere. For example, a person can easily accumulate a substantial stock of hand sanitizer wipes. But what about a wireless UV sanitizing charger? That would completely change the game. Other popular returns to office items include mask keeper lanyard, sanitizing water bottle, and pure pack UV sanitizing pack.