How Healthy are Your Seeds?

Charlotte Miller

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You may be delighted to learn that you are about to begin cultivating your cannabis seeds with some freshly-tilled soil and a handful of seeds. You couldn’t wait to check them out for the first time after learning how to grow and care for them! But wait a minute, have you checked to see if the cannabis seeds are healthy enough to plant? Yes, I thought so as well.

Before you begin the weed cultivation process, one of the first things you must do is ensure the quality and health of your seeds! To what level are they soft or solid to the touch? Are they a darker or lighter tone of color? What source did you use to buy cannabis seeds? These are specific markers of fresh, healthy seeds ready for use! Don’t worry; it’s relatively easy to determine whether your cannabis seeds are suitable for cultivation or not!

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Why Should I Examine the Quality of My Cannabis Seeds?

Understanding that healthy marijuana plants and buds grow from healthy cannabis seeds isn’t precisely rocket science. While these seeds have a chance of sprouting and developing, they will be far from as vital and fresh as those obtained from top-shelf cannabis seeds. These sick seeds may not even sprout during germination in the worst-case situation!

Can You Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Cannabis Seeds?

It is probable that if you are using ordinary marijuana seeds, you will be concerned about whether or not you will distinguish between male and females at this stage of the growth process. I think it would be a lot more efficient to eliminate any male weed seeds before they begin to grow out of their shells.

Male and female cannabis plants cannot be distinguished until the pre-flowering stage, which is, unfortunately, the only point in the plant’s life cycle during which this can be done. Just wait until your plants begin to produce pre-flowers, and you will be able to tell whether they are male or female. It is up to you to make the decision.

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How to Evaluate the Quality of Your Cannabis Seeds:

Now comes the critical part: how can you know if your cannabis seeds are healthy or not? Are they new? Will they be able to break free from their shells during the germination process? The beautiful thing about this is that you can essentially determine the health and freshness of your weed seeds just by looking at them and feeling them. The following are the primary characteristics of healthy cannabis seeds:

Size doesn’t matter: 

Because cannabis seeds are usually organic and pure, they can come in various forms and sizes due to their uniqueness and lack of human/commercial intervention. The seeds can all appear different, much like the structure of the cannabis plant can vary depending on genetics and phenotype!

As a result, the size of your cannabis seeds should not be considered when determining the quality of your weed seeds. Some will be small grain sizes, while others will be much larger and chunkier.

Color of the cannabis seeds: 

The first thing you’ll notice about healthy cannabis seeds is their dark and brown color. You can tell the darker-colored ones from the lighter-shaded ones just by looking at them. Even a tan, soil-like appearance indicates that your seeds are developed enough to be planted! Young and immature seeds typically have light green and white colors. This means that they are still not fully mature for planting.


This one is a little more subtle, but if you look closely, you might notice that the cannabis seeds have tiger stripes or dark spots all over the shell! This is an excellent indicator of fresh seeds instead of blank ones and lacks any distinguishing characteristics.

Also, be sure that no holes or cracks are mistaken for markings! These will suggest damaged seeds that will have a much more difficult time growing.

The solid and durable outer shell

Non-fresh and dried-up cannabis seeds, like any other creature, are unsuitable for growing. Even feeble ones may signal that the seeds have passed their expiration date and are no longer viable for planting. On the other hand, seeds that are too early may not have strong shells. Applying even the slightest bit of pressure on them may result in their disintegration!

As a result, look for cannabis seeds with a robust outer shell. When pushed between your fingers, these should be able to resist a small amount of pressure. The hard outer shell serves as a protective covering, trapping all of the critical traits and DNA within the seeds. This shell should also feel and appear waxy and polished.

The Floating Test: Easy to Use But Effective!

According to i49 seeds experts, One foolproof technique to determine the quality of your cannabis seeds, aside from judging them by how they seem, is to put them in water and let them float. It is a simple and effective method of evaluating your seeds and removing any that do not pass the test of time.

Essentially, the premise behind this test is straightforward: good seeds sink, whereas sick seeds float. And because they will be sufficiently moist as a result of being submerged, you will be able to begin sprouting the seeds immediately after doing so!

First, fill a cup halfway with water and add all of your marijuana seeds. You should allow 1 to 2 hours for the seeds to absorb the water through their tiny holes, after which you should check for any seeds that have floated to the surface. After some time, any seeds that have not sunk to the bottom of the container can be easily scraped off and tossed.