Top Careers Opportunities for Graduates with a BBA Degree

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Top Careers Opportunities for Graduates with a BBA Degree

BBA is a professional degree in management that helps you secure notable job positions in management. But with the expansion of the global market and liberalization, the demand for management professionals with knowledge of international and global business is rising, and this has grown the demand for Global BBA courses. BBA University in Mumbai such as Universal AI University offers this course in their curriculum.

However, we have created this post to help you understand the career opportunities available for BBA graduates.

BBA degree- Course Overview

BBA is an undergraduate degree course in the management field. In this course at BBA University in Mumbai, students will gain knowledge and learn business & leadership skills through a multi-disciplinary approach. BBA course curriculum is designed keeping in mind that students will receive proper training and exposure.

The BBA course details offered by one of the best universities for artificial intelligence are-

Course Level Undergraduate
Course Duration 3 Years
Eligibility criteria
  • National/international candidates from any stream in class 12th can apply for this course.
  • Candidates from the Indian board must obtain a minimum of 65% marks in classes 10th and 12th.
  • Candidates from the International board must be certificate holders & diploma holders with a minimum of 20 points.

BBA admission procedure

The BBA admission process at Universal AI University is as follows-

  • Fill out the online application form.
  • Submit the important documents such as the 10th, 12th mark sheet, statement of purpose, etc.
  • Participate in the UBSAT exam. UBSAT is the entrance exam for BBA in Maharashtra.
  • After clearing the entrance exam, participate in a personal interview round.

Once you clear all the rounds, you will be eligible to take admission to this University.

Careers Opportunities for BBA graduates

Pursuing BBA from the management colleges in Mumbai would qualify you to access the tens of thousands of work opportunities or openings that exist in the shape of diverse managerial and administrative positions and responsibilities in a variety of market domains. Also, this course will help you lay a strong base for certain higher education courses. Let’s check them out in detail-

  1. Job Opportunities – 

After studying at the best BBA colleges in Maharashtra, students will receive the below-mentioned job opportunities in the public/private sector.

Job Position Job Description
Marketing Executive A marketing executive is a specialist who plans, creates, and manages the overall campaign and marketing plans to advertise a company’s names, goods, or services.
Sales Executive Sales executive job responsibilities include setting sales goals for the company and working towards achieving those goals. They establish budgets and sales projections, analyse sales records and customer surveys, decide on sales prices, and negotiate contract terms to accomplish their goals.
Market research analyst To assist businesses in identifying their target markets and the average price that consumers are prepared to pay for a given product, market research experts analyse data and market dynamics.
Human resource manager The administrative tasks of an organisation are planned, directed, and coordinated by human resource managers. They are in charge of new hiring and provide training to new recruits. Human resource managers act as a point of contact for employees and administrative personnel during the strategic planning process of the organisation.
Investment banker An investment banker’s main responsibility is to raise funds for businesses, governments, or other organisations. They are specialists in their sector or field with a pulse on the state of the market for investments as investment bankers.
Production manager A specialist who supervises the production procedure and plans every action to guarantee there are enough resources available are production managers.
Retail manager To manage the day-to-day operations of a store retail managers are hired in the retail store and department. And they also hold the responsibility of supervising & instructing staff, and to enhance store profits.


  1. Higher education opportunities- 

Below mentioned are some of the top choices for higher education options for students of BBA University in Mumbai.

  • Master of Business Administration- MBA is the most sought option after completing a BBA degree. You can opt for an MBA with a specialization in the field of your interest.
  • PGDM– Similar to MBA, this diploma course in management offers a more practical understanding of different specializations of management. Leading companies prefer hiring PGDM graduates for top management positions. BBA university in Mumbai such as Universal AI University also offer top-notch PGDM programs.
  • Master of management studies– This course is also similar to the MBA program and offered by top management institutes in India. The advantage of this course is that the course fee is comparatively lower than the MBA course.

Why Universal AI University is the best choice for a BBA Course

  • Students can choose to spend their complete three years studying at the Universal AI University in India, or they can choose to spend their first two years there and their final year in Cardiff, UK.
  • Universal AI University is India’s first artificial intelligence university that has integrated artificial intelligence & machine learning in all its programs.
  • The course curriculum is designed according to a global perspective.
  • The faculty members of the college are highly experienced in research work and the teaching field.

Final thoughts,

There are numerous career opportunities available for students after studying at BBA University in Mumbai. There are plenty of work opportunities available in private and public sector companies. And as the business market is going international, you should not limit yourself to general BBA programs and should go for the Global MBA program.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Which are the sectors that recruit BBA graduates?

BBA graduates are hired by various sectors such as banking, finance, tourism, human resource, business communication, trade & commerce, logistics & supply chain management, etc.

  1. What is the course fee for BBA at Universal AI University?

The course fee for Global BBA is 5.18 Lakh per annum at Universal AI University.

  1. Does BBA University in Mumbai offer scholarships to students?

Yes, BBA University in Mumbai like Universal AI University offers scholarships based on financial status, merit, and early-bird scholarship.

  1. What is the salary of a BBA graduate in India?

The average salary of a BBA graduate is 4.2 lakh per annum but if you study at Universal AI University, the top BBA university in Mumbai, you can get a starting package up to 22 lakh per annum.