The Employment Outlook for Visual Designers in India

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The Employment Outlook for Visual Designers in India

Visual designers are anticipated to rise as social media platforms and consumer usage both grow. Additionally, the Bureau of Labour Statistics in India projected that between 2021 and 2026, employment for these designers will increase by 5%. Are you willing to work in this field in the face of such circumstances, despite having reservations about its near-term job prospects? 

In that case, you can check our blog, which aims to explain the intricacies related to a BA Visual Arts Interior Design programme and the many aspects related to its employment prospects.

Education required for a career as a Visual Designer

Enrolling in a Bachelor of Visual Arts is the first step towards making a career as a Visual Designer. Nevertheless, this degree offers students a well-rounded education that integrates traditional arts and crafts with modern creative methods, as well as a strong foundation in studio art practices.

BVA- Course Highlights 

Full-form  Bachelor’s in Visual Arts
Degree Level  Undergraduate
Course Duration  4 years
Examination Pattern  Semester mode
Average Course Fee  Ranges between INR 1 to 3 LPA
Minimum Academic Requirement  Complete 12th standard or its equivalent with at least 50%  


Best Career Opportunities for Visual Designers

The BA Visual Arts Interior Design courses are intended to provide you with the freedom to investigate potential prospects. So, having the necessary abilities, knowledge, and skills will enable you to perform any of the following roles:

Job Options  Duties 
Creative Director Whether it is a tangible product like a video game, movie, or magazine, the creative director leads their team through the creation process. Additionally, to ensure that the entire aesthetic and consistent appearance is on track, they also see through other abstracts like an advertising campaign or the brand identity.
Product Developer A Product Developer creates, oversees, and supervises the creation of products. They must come up with ideas for product improvements or introduce new items to serve the clients of their particular industry while working in a variety of sectors such as food production, technology, electronics, retail, or home appliances.
UX Designer UX designers strive to create streamlined, enjoyable, and intuitive products, processes, and services for users. Also, they take into account how people will interact with the interface and how it will feel. Further, these professionals make sure the process of creating the product is seamless from beginning to end.
Logo Designer Using a visually clear and recognisable representation, and therefore, logo designers develop eye-catching images or symbols to represent a company, product, brand, or service. Moreover, for determining which symbols are appealing and memorable to the target audience, they conduct research.
Animator  For the purpose of giving the appearance of movement, an animator creates frames, which are collections of images that are sequenced together. In addition, the BA visual arts and photography courses teach students how to create animated graphics and incorporate images utilising modelling tools and other design software.
Production Artist The practical components of a project, whether it be in graphics, film, art, or another medium, are handled by production artists. During the last stages of development, they upload design files and ensure their accuracy. However, for this role, both design and computer application skills are necessary.


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What are the many elements connected to the employment prospects for Visual Designers in India?

If you let your creativity and enthusiasm for the task lead the way, visual design is so versatile that it can take you everywhere. However, the following variables are linked to the employment outlook for visual designers in India:

  • High Demand

Many industries, like advertising, marketing, and web design, have a significant demand for qualified graphic designers. Additionally, it is anticipated that as the business expands, there will be a significant increase in the number of work prospects for visual designers. Hence, following graduation from the BVA colleges in India, these professionals shall have a variety of employment options.

  • Flexibility

Due to their openness to working as independent contractors or freelancers, visual designers have a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing projects and setting their hours. And, those who like to work independently or have other obligations that call for a flexible schedule may find this to be a terrific alternative as well.

  • Continuous Learning 

With new technologies and fashion trends appearing all the time, the BA Visual Arts Interior Design course is continually changing. Additionally, the work in this industry can remain exciting and challenging because there is always something new to learn. 

  • Competitive Salaries

Visual designers can make a good living, particularly those with expertise and a solid body of work. And, according to AmbitionBox, the average annual pay for visual designers in India ranges from 2.2 lakhs to 13.0 lakhs.

  • Versatility

Many other businesses and professions, including publishing, web design, and advertising, can benefit from the skills and information acquired from the BA Visual Arts Interior Design colleges in India. Therefore, such designers are free to experiment with many professional routes in the future.

Best Institute for Visual Arts courses 

Anant National University in Gujarat is one of India’s top-ranked designx universities, which gives the greatest mentoring for pursuing a career in the visual designing sector. Additionally, the advantages of studying here include:

  • Eminent teaching experts use an interdisciplinary approach to teach the visual arts academic programme.
  • Its students are effectively placed in prestigious companies like Accenture, Cars 24, INI design studio, etc which makes it one of the greatest bachelor of visual arts colleges in India.
  • Hostel facilities, laboratories, exhibition spaces, multipurpose rooms, libraries, gyms, sports facilities, counselling centres, and other amenities are all part of the college’s infrastructure.

Wrapping Up

For those who value creativity, problem-solving, and lifelong learning, a career in visual design can be a meaningful and rewarding choice. Furthermore, students can pursue a number of work options and forge a successful career path by gaining a solid foundation of knowledge and experience through the BA visual arts interior design courses. 


  1. What can I anticipate in my visual arts course?

This study programme covers the methods used to create art in a variety of mediums, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, digital imaging, sculpture, clay, metal, and fibre. Additionally, the majority of the BA Visual Arts Interior Design courses are centred on 2D, 3D, and 4D inflexions, allowing students to develop a variety of art-making talents through the core studio.

  1. What is the work of a Visual Artist?

The Visual Artist produces artwork for public display in galleries, museums, or other venues. Through their artistic creation, he or she conveys their thoughts, sentiments, or feelings. Additionally, such experts have the option to specialise in one medium, such as sculpture, ceramics, painting, or drawing.

  1. What aspects of the visual arts are most appealing?

In visual art, colour, and texture are the two elements that most immediately catch our attention and act as an endless supply of creative inspiration. As a result, in addition to highlighting other factors, these two basics are explicitly emphasised in BA Visual Arts Interior Design programmes.

  1. What tools do visual artists use?

A visual artist’s job is to translate thoughts and feelings into works of art that viewers may appreciate through sight. Consequently, these artists work with a wide range of materials, such as paint, clay, wood, charcoal, computer art, and other objects.