Top 7 Unexplored Beaches in India

Charlotte Miller

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Borrow colours from the sea as you breathe through the ocean breeze

Miles away from the hustle and bustle of popular tourist spots, if you are desperate to visit a pristine beach and enjoy the day in complete solitude, we bring you a list of 7 unexplored beaches in India that can make you fall in love with the sand, shoreline and sunsets in no time. India’s coastline of 8,000 km is home to many such beaches that offer aspects of cleanliness, rich heritage, and nature in its best form. The ocean breeze, an overabundance of seashells and golden sunshine can work their magic on any vagabond and reveal the beauty hidden in many layers. You can reach to these beaches by booking flights at EaseMyTrip  in best prices.  

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The top 7 hidden and cleanest beaches in India are-

Beach No. 7, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Part of the majestic Havelock Islands, Beach no. 7 is known to grab attention with its pristine white sand and clear water that reflects the perfect shade of turquoise blue. The name sounds a bit quirky, right? Well, it is also commonly known as Radhanagar Beach. The shore is traced with flourishing Palm trees and you can often spot elephants touring the coast. This wonderland was crowned as ‘Asia’s Best Beach’ by TIME magazine back in 2004 and since then, its beauty has been well preserved. Forest guards regularly tour the area to preserve its sanctity by implementing various strict rules that make the Radhanagar beach one of the cleanest beaches in India. The beach is coral free and has a 50 m set radius on both sides crossing which you cannot enter the water. If you are looking for some peace and calm coupled with a majestic view for meditation or Yoga, this is the place to be.

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Serenity Beach, Tamil Nadu

The nomenclature itself leaves no doubt in the mind that this beach is an ideal spot ruled by tranquillity and ethereal beauty that takes a person’s breath away. Hidden in the north-end of Pondicherry, this place is far away from the hubbub of the city and closes enough to clutch its contemporary aura. You can see the shore lined up with beautiful green Palm trees and the horizon soar with the mighty Bay of Bengal. The waves come crashing on the golden sand and there are fishing boats anchored on the shore. The peaceful ambience will make you want to stop for a while and admire the soul-fulfilling picture presented to you by the nature gods themselves. If you are looking to dip your toes in a new experience, there is a surfing school nearby to help you out. If not, you can just bicycle along the coastline for miles and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Palolem Beach, Goa

Palolem Beach in Canacona in Southern Goa is a middle land of people looking for a remote party scene. It is neither too populated, nor completely abandoned by the common folk. Widely popular for being the party destination of India, Goa is not just about the clubs, resorts, and water sports. In Palolem, you will find vibrant beach shacks tucked under the coconut palm trees. These cabins are wrapped up in bohemian features and serve authentic seafood. Shaped like a crescent moon, this beach goes on for a mile and is the perfect place for catching up on the reading or go kayaking/ boating. Although the northern part of the beach is termed comparatively safe, you can head on south for experiencing the thrill of tidal waves and boat riding.

Marari Beach, Kerala

In the backyard of God’s own country, there lies an exquisite beach that feels like it is almost made to be an idyllic yet classic vacation point. Situated near Alleppey, this beach will welcome you with waving coconut palms and golden sand. The best of Kerala backwaters, this peaceful haven offers such reviving adventures that it is almost impossible to escape the area. As the sun goes down on the horizon and the indolent town falls silent, this place is perfect for personal introspection and just soaking in the benefits of water, land and air. Mararikulum is a local fishing village on the Arabian Sea that is quaint and quiet. There are numerous Homestays and resorts to add value to your trip by giving you a chance to experience deep-sea sailing, parasailing, Yoga and Kalaripayattu. Loaded with south Indian culture and heritage, this retreat is an ideal spot for getting away from the chaos of metro cities.

Laxmanpur Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Want to experience the beauty of underwater marine life and coral ridges, Laxmanpur Beach in Neil Islands is where you ought to pack your bags. With over 4000 varieties of Coral (Yes, you read it right – 4000! ) This place is where the snorkelling dreams come true. Located 39 km from Port Blair, this beach is carpeted in silvery-white sand and is packed with a plethora of seashells and corals. Not convinced yet? How about a natural rock bridge formation? Yes! And that is not the only exciting feature about this place.

Here you can watch the sun go down and get to view the elegance of corals spread out beneath you during low tides. Laxmanpur beach is one of the most bio-diverse beaches of India that is also known as the ‘Vegetable bowl’ of Andamans.

Gahirmatha Beach, Odisha

Nestled in between the Mangroves and the Bay of Bengal, Gahirmatha beach is a haven for turtles. Located near Bhitarkanika National Park, this beach is the sole turtle sanctuary of Odisha and is known for Olive Ridley turtles. From the South Pacific Ocean, these turtles cover a long distance to reach Gahirmatha each year for mating. Seeing the turtles crawl out of the water, lay around 200 eggs, cover them with sand and retrace their steps back to the ocean is one of the most magical experiences for any nature lover. Nature’s opulence comes alive in this marine wildlife sanctuary that extends from the Dhamara river mouth to the Brahmani river mouth in the south.

Om Beach, Karnataka

Om is a symbol associated with spirituality in India. With a vastly divine culture like ours, it is difficult to escape the mystical charm and beauty of nature in Om Beach, Gokarna. As the two crescents come together, this beach forms the Sanskrit sign and is highly revered among locals for the same reason. Sandwiched between the lush green flora of the Western Ghats and the waves of the Arabian Sea, this place is a picturesque point for sunsets. Near the shore, you can book a stay in luxury yoga retreats via EaseMyTrip and capture the best of what nature and culture offer us.