An overview of the V3Solar Spin Cells

Charlotte Miller

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Are you looking to cut down your electricity bill? If so, you may have used electricity comparison sites to find the best energy deals. 

However, to further reduce your bill, you can also consider solar energy.

Many Australian residents are leaning towards solar energy not just because it is affordable and reliable and can produce enough power to address the energy needs of most homes.

A report from Energy Sage shows that regular solar panels can produce about 250 – 400 watts of electricity. 

The growth of the renewable energy sector, over the years, has given birth to new solar devices that are even better than the regular solar panel.

The V3 Solar Spin Cell is one such device.

This article will give you an overview of what the device has to offer.

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What exactly is the V3Solar Spin Cell?

The V3Solar Spin Cell is somewhat different from regular solar panels that sit flat and are static while absorbing sunlight and converting solar energy to electricity. 

The V3Solar has the shape of a cone and is designed to spin around 3600. With its spin, it can absorb energy faster than regular solar panels.

How the V3Solar Spin Cell was developed

Energy researchers have forever been looking for ways to improve the performance of solar panels.

In the quest to achieve this goal, they started using lenses and mirrors to help sunlight penetrate solar panels better.

This didn’t yield good results, as the solar cells were damaged during the process. The heat produced during the process was too much for the cells to handle.  

With the V3Solar Spin Cell, engineers design a way to avoid excess heat – by collaborating with their industrial design team.

They attached the refined solar cell to a cone-shaped surface that spins continuously.

Since the surface is constantly moving, solar cells don’t receive enough time to absorb too much heat.

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Benefits of solar cones

The V3Solar Spin Cells stand out because they have more to offer than the regular solar panel. 

Below are some of the pros of the solar cone.

Doesn’t require any support

V3Solar Spin Cells are nothing like regular panels that need to be mounted with a rack. The device can support itself and can be mounted to poles or to the ground.

Creates an AC current by itself

To get AC current from regular solar panels, you will need an inverter. If you have the V3Solar Spin Cells, you won’t need an inverter to get an AC current. The device is designed to create an AC output without an inverter.

Has special optics

V3Solar Spin Cells perform better than regular panels because they are fitted with special optics. The optics allow more solar radiation to enter the devices. This, therefore, helps the PV cells to absorb energy from the sun effectively.

Final note

The future of solar energy is indeed bright. The innovation in the solar technology space is going to lead to the production of efficient products that can better produce solar energy.

As these technologies continue to grow, it’s smart to also use electricity comparison tools to cut down our energy bills. 

Many sites, such as Econnex, can help users find energy providers that are reliable and affordable.