Top 7 fun Norwegian winter things to do

Charlotte Miller

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If there is a word to characterize Norway completely, it’s surreal. Note Norway and the large mountain range covered by ice, sparkling deep fjords, and beautiful night sky throughout the winter season. In this regard, you cannot forget Because of its exclusive leisure and tourist destinations, Norway has been at the top of the most knowledgeable travelers. Who won’t see the Northern Lights? Everyone will ask to see these natural wonders!

As a popular proverb says that Norwegians are people who have skis on their feet, winter and snow is the most unique activity any traveler may encounter in Norway. While it is a fact that Norway’s snowy terrain is a good place for skis, more is to be done. In winter in Norway, there are the best 7 fun things to do.

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Experience the northern lights

Many visitors will exchange anything to see the northern lights dance in Northern Norway’s night sky. During the winter season in Norway, northern lights, also known as “Aurora Borealis.” In the center of the so-called Northern Lights, Belt as Tromso/Tromsø is mentioned in an article. This belt has the perfect latitude to enjoy the northern lights. In addition to the islands of Tromsø, the islands of Lofoten have a large viewing spot on the aurora borealis with its large Norwegian mountains.

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Go on a Dogsledding adventure

In Norway, dogsledding is one of the highlights that buzz around the world. This is seen as the real Arctic adventure where you can taste the joy of riding your own dog squad on the edge of Tromso. Dogsledding is made more fun in Norway by the magical aurora boreal lights during the night. Go and sled down under the night sky and admire Norway’s spectacular alpine scenery.

You can also compete in the dog sleigh race at Finnmarksløpet and honor being the longest race in Europe if you’re the competitive man. Every March this dogsled race takes place in Alta.

Driving sled dogs need hard work for one word of caution. You should expect the landscape not to be flat and you must go uphill paths with fresh snow.

Stay in an ice hotel in Kirkenes

Finally, this will be a one-of-a-kind experience for hotels because you will stay in Kirkenes at the Snow Hotel! This hotel literally has 20 snow suites made of ice near the eastern border of North Norway. A bar and restaurant are also available to relax. Snow Hotel is really like living in a winter wonderland for the night. The Snow Hotel in Kirkenes is only available between December and April, so schedule your journey forward!

Go snowshoeing

You have a good idea if you know which ice-skating rinks are. In Norway, travelers, as well as locals, are becoming increasingly popular with this company. There are many stalls showing snowshoes to rent in the region of Gaustad and G-sport Rjukan.

In general, snowshoes that are modernized are easy to use and lightweight. This makes it easier for the horse, whether uphill or downhill, to take full charge. Snowshoeing is also an outdoor snow sport appropriate for anyone.The positive thing about snowshoeing is that when you experience the beauty of the Norwegian mountains and its winter mountains, you get an amazing feeling of the snow on your feet. This activity is in reality the best way to enjoy the scenery of Norway.

Go Reindeer Sledding with the Sami people

There is a place named Finnmark in Norway’s northernmost part which is the birthplace of the Sami people. The Sami people’s culture spreads across northern Scandinavia and Russia. The Norwegian Government encourages the Norwegian people to celebrate openly their legacy and culture after the historic marginalization of the Sami people by Norway.It is only the Sami who has the right to reindeer herds in Norway. Therefore, it is very normal to see the Sami and the renews walk together. René sledding became a well-known Northern Norway tourism adventure.

Take the Hurtigruten Cruise

Winter sailing along the coast of Norway is a fascinating experience from November to February. The stunning locations on the coastline are definitely the perfect time to explore winter. As planned, the entire landscape is covered with pure white snow. In the fresh and crisp air, tourists can relax. On the shoreline, you can see, from afar, the beautifully drawn backdrop of tiny housing clusters sparkling at night.Catching the vibrant northern light and dancing in the middle of the sea along the Hurtigruten cruise can also describe anyone to have a unique experience.

Go skiing in Trysil

Trysil is the perfect location for you if you’re hunting for Europe’s best skiing spots. The snowy terrain in Trysil with its numerous pistes is designed for all sorts of skiers, from start to finish. Thus, the whole family is fine. The mountainside makes it really appropriate for skiing activities, with plenty of snow accumulating in Trysil.Trysil has a wide variety of fun trails and trails for those who want to ski in Norway, which is the biggest and best skiing resort in Norway.While some people would like to visit in summer and enjoy hot weather and have great walks, all these cool things will probably be missed, because winter is really the best time to visit Norway.