Top 5 Free VPN Chrome Extensions to Use in 2022

Charlotte Miller

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The world has become a global village, and people love to connect with people from different regions of the world. Whether you want to watch any Netflix show that is restricted in your country or want to unblock any site, the use of free VPN Chrome extensions has become essential. Although the Chrome Web Store is full of a variety of free VPN Chrome extensions but it is still tricky to pick a single option.

That is why we are presenting one of the best free VPN Chrome extensions like these in our list.

Here we go:

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Top 5 Free VPN Chrome Extensions 

Touch VPN

With more than 74,995 reviews and 6 million global users, Touch VPN is one of the best free VPN Chrome extensions you can consider using in 2022. It provides complete secure browsing and could be an excellent way to unblock any site. You can enable this free VPN Chrome extension within a few clicks only and can enjoy its appealing features.

With no-log and military-graded security properties, you can utilize it within 11 different popular languages of the world.


If you are in search of a VPN that doesn’t ask for long signups and is entirely free for an unlimited period of time, then you should trust SetupVPN. This authoritative platform has more than 40k reviews and 1 million users.

So, with military-grade encryption, 100% free VPN server and smooth speed, it could be an ideal choice to stream one of your favorite shows and websites with this free chrome VPN extension. By the way, this extension is only supported in the English language but provides a proxy of prominent countries, including the United States, UK, Germany, Japan, France, India, Ireland etc.

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CyberGhost is another good free Chrome VPN extension that is working very fine to serve users. It is not working as an extension, but it is serving more than 15 million customers internationally as a VPN company. Its Chrome extension is entirely free for users to download and consume.

It doesn’t only open blocked sites and provides browser security, but it also keeps the user secure from malicious content and attacks. However, it doesn’t safeguard you from webRTC leaks. It is better to add a webRTC extension separately with this plugin.

Express VPN

It is just a myth that freemium VPNs could achieve the level of premium VPNs. Yes, we need to accept that paid VPNs have their own value and Express VPN is one of them. Therefore, if you can afford a paid Chrome VPN extension then you should consider this VPN that has 3K servers in 94 countries of the world.

Luckily, many features of this Chrome VPN could be accessed free of cost that is why we included this proxy in our list. So, don’t forget to use this option.

Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy

If you want a fast VPN plugin for your Chrome browsing sessions with 54 languages’ support then you must consider Betternet. Definitely, it is a renowned name among the top VPN service providers in the world. According to the data of Chrome Web Store, this extension has around 30k reviews and more than 1 million users.

It doesn’t provide backing to unblock websites but improves shopping experiences when you use credit or debit cards to make online payments. By the way, it is always suggested to use credit cards for online shopping ventures whether you are suffering from a proxy or not.


With 1 million Chrome clients, Windscribe is another great VPN extension that internet users can consume. It provides free proxy support to users and gives 10 GB of data support with ad-blocking capabilities.

On its panel, you will find around 60 countries and 120 different locations of the world, and you just need a few clicks to connect your server with these locations. Yes, it could be a good choice if you are in search of top free Chrome VPN extensions.


In short, it is always recommended to use reliable and quality Chrome VPN extensions to avoid data compromises and other issues. Hopefully, our list of the best free Chrome VPN extensions will aid the readers in picking good options.

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