Exhibits Ocean Wonders & Meet The Sharks at Sea Aquarium, Singapore! 

Charlotte Miller

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It’s been a couple years since I went to Singapore back in 2019 and I still can’t put my mind off on how incredible S.E.A Aquarium was. Located in Resort World Sentosa and first opened in 2012, SEA Aquarium was the world’s largest aquarium, until Chimelong Ocean Kingdom was unveiled two years later. 

Today, this place continues to be in the list of the world’s biggest and most impressive aquariums, and is now home to more than 100,000 marine animals of over 1,000 species, across 50 different habitats – all housed in beautifully aquascaped exhibits that replicate the animal’s natural environments. Each one as fascinating as the next, it is truly an experience you won’t forget. I truly recommend you to note down S.E.A Aquarium to your Singapore next travel list right away to discover this wonderful oceanic world! 

One of the pro tips to keep in mind if you wish to go here is to buy the tickets in advance to get great deals. There are two ways where you can get an entrance ticket, but my recommendation is via online platforms. By purchasing tickets online beforehand, you will be able to find SEA Aquarium promotion deals and save lots of time queuing at the ticket counter. I always choose Traveloka as my trusted platform to buy the tickets, moreover online tickets personally felt more effective to me, because tickets are valid within 30 days from the selected visit date, so you can easily change your visit on any day according to your schedule.

Therefore, I will share some insider tips on what you should look out for when exploring the aquarium. I hope that you can immerse yourself in the magic marine world with this handy guide. 

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  1. Open Ocean Habitat

Get ready to be amazed by the open ocean habitat, because it is THE centerpiece of the aquarium. The one that fills your social feeds, always remember that it’s definitely allowed to take as many photos as you want, but using flash is prohibited since it can cause stress to the fish. 

This is by far my favorite part of overall my Aquarium experience, it is as close as you can get to dive into the depths of the big blue sea. Why so? Because it is filled with a multitude of species, from 3 males of giant manta rays and school of fish swim by as rays of sunlight illuminate the seafloor.

A little fun fact: the Open Ocean Habitat is actually certified as a full open water dive site because of its total size, volume and water movement. So, you can definitely get certified right here. However, this lesson have been suspended temporarily

Aside from that, there are also benches facing the tank, where the parents can get a moment of solitude by leaving the kids to sea-related activities, such as jellyfish origami & drawing, and more. Take some time to sit down and enjoy watching all the movements of aquatic animals through this panoramic window. 

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  1. Kids-Friendly 

As I mentioned previously, S.E.A Aquarium Singapore is the right place to go if you are planning to visit it with your families and kids. You not only can see the living or marine ecosystem, but also immerse in some exhibition and your kids are able to learn something while they are playing. 

That’s not only the fun part! Respectively in the afternoon, the kids can meet Sam, the shark mascot and Mai, the Manta-Ray mascot when they walk around Shark Seas and Open Ocean Habitat. Here, the kids can go give them a warm hug and take pictures to bring home cute memories with these friendly mascots. 

  1. Feel the Shark Swim Above Your Head 

At Shark Seas Habitat, you will stroll along a huge tunnel where many well-known and most terrifying predators – sharks including Nurse Shark, Hammerhead, and more are swimming above your head. Imagine you are thrown into the deep end the moment you enter the aquarium, and you feel like you’re underwater with sharks swimming all around you.

For the ultimate encounter, you can also get up close and personal with the shark with Shark Dive. That’s for another story. 

  1. Be Fascinated by Sea Jellies & Try to Find Dory

Who’s here a fan of the Finding Nemo movie? Then I hope you are up for a treasure hunt time. The two most famous main characters – Nemo, Marlin and Dory are swimming around the tank. 

However, do note that Nemo is harder to sport sometimes, but you will definitely have fun. Aside from that, there’s also different live corals and sea jellies, so we can get as close as we want without worrying about getting stung. 

  1. Grab a Bite Underwater 

Feel an unique dining experience and savor a filling meal while watching manta rays, sharks and various fishes swim by at Ocean Restaurant, the only underwater aquarium in Southeast Asia. I would recommend you to make the booking in advance as it runs full quite quickly

There you go, I hope this guide inspires you and indeed SEA Aquarium Singapore is an attraction that you will remember for a lifetime. A little thing to note is that always plan your trip, because most shows happen in the afternoon, so always be there at the right time. If you’re planning to visit there anytime soon, you know where to get your tickets.