Top 10 Spelling Games For Adults to Improve Word Skills

Charlotte Miller

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Even adults can face spelling difficulties on a daily basis. People are often confused by the pattern of letters, sounds, and silent letters. Reading difficulties can make spelling basics difficult to understand using pen and paper.

Let’s take a look at some of the top spelling games for adults.

1- WordBattle

WordBattle, a multiplayer online word game, is real-time and allows you to practice word building with your friends, family, and fellow Facebook users. The game is simple: Each player gets 9 randomly chosen letters and must create a word with them within 40 seconds. The catch is that each letter has a unique point value. You must come up with the best word possible. The winner is the one with the highest point value.

There are some sites which provide spell tests for free like .WordBattle is available through social media sites, so there are many opportunities for discussion among the community. There are sometimes even arguments about the legality of words being played. Some players may even pull out the dictionary, especially if they are enthusiastic! WordBattle is a fun and easy way to improve your word play skills. You might even make new friends!

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2- Crossword from New York Times

The New York Times crossword is a classic in the world spelling puzzle games. It has been an iconic symbol of American culture since 1940. The crossword first appeared in Sunday newspapers, and was then made a daily feature in the 1950s.

The New York Times crossword puzzle becomes more difficult each week. The easiest puzzle appears on Monday, while the most difficult puzzle appears on Saturday. You can choose the puzzle that suits you best by understanding how difficult the puzzle gets throughout the week. Even better, you don’t need to bring a newspaper with you when you play. The New York Times crossword app is now available for your smartphone or tablet.

The New York Times crossword is a great way to test your vocabulary and spelling skills and participate in a national tradition.

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3- Letter Tycoon

Letter Tycoon is a face-to-face interactive spelling game that you might be interested in. This board game is a great example of how to combine a familiar theme with spelling skills.

Players can use the money earned to purchase one letter “patent” for the word they create. You will receive royalties from the bank if other players use the letter you “own” for the remainder of the game. The winner is determined by adding up the patents, money and stocks at the end.

4- Spot The Error

Students use a dictionary or other resources to write five words. One of these words is deliberately misspelled. The students then spell the words and give them to their classmates, who will write them down. The students then determine which word is incorrectly spelled.

5- Group Spelling

Divide the class into smaller groups and give each group a word. Each group will then decide how to spell it and write it down on a piece of paper. Each group should be given five to ten words. As you work through the answers, groups will swap paper and mark each others’ work. If you want to develop your Spelling skills then you can get help from SpellZone. It is an online learning platform specializing in British and American spelling skills.

6- Scrabble

This board game is great for ESL classes, especially when used with advanced students. It is a great game to bring out with you for your last lesson.

7- Letter Dictation

As a series of unbroken letters, dictate a statement for students. Take this example:



Students should dictate at a fast pace in order to avoid them anticipating which letter will come next. They don’t have to miss any letters. However, they should be capable of self-correcting after dictation. They can discuss answers with others in small groups or pairs if you dictate questions.

Make it harder by dictating the word string backwards.

8- Countdown

This game show is long-running on British TV. The contestants must choose randomly from nine vowels or consonants. I prefer ten to 12 for this show. After that, teams will attempt to create the longest word possible using the letters provided. A stack of vowels or consonants is required. You will need to set up the deck so that difficult letters don’t appear (Countdown letter distribution). You can play with scrabble tiles, or you could try our online version at

9- Crosswords

Crosswords and Half Crosswords require spelling vocabulary correctly to complete the puzzle.

10- Hangman

Draw some dashes on a board to represent a word. Each student names a letter they believe might be part of the word. Write the letter in the correct place on the board if the letter is part of the word. W ______ __. If the letter doesn’t belong in the word, then draw the picture and add the used letter below it. You can add letters to the word you have left blanked or to the hangman drawing. The teacher wins or students win. Encourage students to stop shouting the word. The game isn’t over until the word has been correctly spelled out.

If you think the image of the hanged person is too morbid or sensitive to cultural differences, draw a digital figure 8 on the board. Every time the students make mistakes, remove one part until there is nothing.