Caribbean culture

Charlotte Miller

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The region of America holding the Caribbean sea is called the Caribbean. It holds the surrounding sea and islands too. The islands which come in this region are more than 700. Considering the amount of area it holds, it is very evident that it inhabits a lot of people and species, which tells that this region has a very rich and strong culture along with a great and long history. A culture mainly comprises all the particular region’s literary, artistic, political, and social elements. So the Caribbean culture also has all these elements. Most of the Caribbean territories are even older than the European countries. Caribbean natives did not have any strong identity from the very beginning as they were black people who were considered slaves and were hated. So the immigrants and travelers to the Caribbean region did not get any influence from the natives, rather the natives lost the tiny amount of identity that they used to have. As there were many settlers in the islands of the Caribbean region, it has multiculturalism. So all the different cultures are united in the Caribbean community. The language in this region too is also very diverse as most of the people are English speaking there is a large number speaking other languages too such as approximately 22% people speak french and 1% people speak dutch. There are some islands that are entirely french having french culture and ethnicity but still as it is part of the Caribbean region which makes the Caribbean region a collection of several subcultures and ethnicities. 

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There is also a huge Spanish influence in the Caribbean region which is also the reason for the survival of several non-English dialects in the region. The Caribbean also has Irish, British, and even Chinese immigrants which have their influence on the culture too. The settlers from different regions of the world also brought their businesses with them which with the passage of time became the business of the region and began to flourish to great extent. As the east Indians brought laborers who worked on rice, cocoa, and sugarcane. The Africans and other settlers in the Caribbean region together marked the identity of the region itself. In the 20th century, even more immigrants from all over the world came and settled in the Caribbean region which too played its part in shaping the Caribbean identity. There are different symbols of the Caribbean region such as parrot, palm, and shell. Moreover, the flags of the region kept changing over the course of time due to multiculturalism. The arts and painting of the region were highly influenced by European trends as the painters used to follow European artists and their works. The Caribbean region has flourished in arts since the 1900s and most specifically after world war II. Caribbean literature was written in English, French, and Spanish as these language speakers were the settlers of the region. The literature in Caribbean culture is classified by the regions. So it has become quite evident that the Caribbean region is multicultural. 

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