Top 10 Best Messaging Apps For Android

Charlotte Miller

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WhatsApp is the most popular social media messenger app with more than 4 billion users worldwide. The app has around 400 million users from India. First released in 2009, this American app comes with some amazing features that allow you to send messages uninterruptedly. Here you can see the address lookup.

Features :

  1. Your chats are end-to-end encrypted to secure your privacy. No one can access your chats or files except you and the receiver.
  2. Send text messages or voice recordings without any complex operations. 
  3. WhatsApp Business Account provides additional features to help you set up and grow your online business. 
  4. Now you can send or receive payments from other WhatsApp users using the WhatsApp payment feature.
  5. Enjoy smooth and high-resolution video calls with your loved ones. 

The app can be accessed from mobile or desktop with the help of WhatsApp web. You can avail many advanced features by installing the app from the Google Playstore.

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Facebook Messenger

This is the messenger that doesn’t need any introduction. From kids to old people, Facebook is used by people of all ages. The app is constantly incorporating the latest technologies to provide a comfortable user experience. Grow your business online using Facebook ads and other advanced features. Create a poll or quiz or ask questions and know about your audience in the quickest way.    


  1. Set a new chat theme for each chat and make your conversations beautiful and interesting
  2. Send unlimited photos, files, videos using the messenger at no cost.
  3. If you are in the United States, you can send or receive payments through this messenger.
  4. Create a link invite to group video chat and share it with up to 50 people even without a messenger.  
  5. The app is suitable with all devices. 


Snapchat is a free American messaging app with 1 billion+ download that helps you to share your moments with your people in seconds. The most unique feature of this app is it helps you check your astrological compatibility and other similarities with your friends and make your relationship stronger and better than ever.  

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  1. Works well in Android and IOS devices. 
  2. Any message or voice record you send will disappear after a while from your and the receiver’s chat records.
  3. Share your moments in the story format which lasts on the app for 24 hours. This feature enables the audience to engage with your content and build relations. 
  4. Use the lenses feature that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence and add various funny elements to your snap to look cool and amazing.


Telegram is a cloud-based quick messaging app that provides end to end encrypted file sharing, multimedia sharing to others effortlessly. Launched in 2013, the Telegram software has 500 million users all over the world. With its most versatile and advanced features, the app is regarded as one of the top 10 most downloadable apps in the world.   


  1. Access the app from multiple devices and share your conversations from anywhere with ease.
  2. You can share files and multimedia of any size using this app. 
  3. The chats are highly encrypted and protected from hackers using the latest security software
  4. Each telegram group can hold up to 2,00,000 members which is the largest capacity messaging app ever known now. 
  5. It supports hashtags and lets you follow the hashtags of your choice.


The WeChat app is a social media app that has over one billion users across the world. The app is a one-stop solution for all your daily needs to make you socially active. It is the only app certified by TRUSTe and provides the highest security to your data against stealing. It contains several third-party services without additional installations to save you storage. The app supports 20 languages within which you can translate any message and share it with your friends. 


  1. Send text messages, voice recordings, files and photos to your acquaintances and create group chats with up to 500 members.
  2. HD video calling helps to converse directly from anywhere.
  3. Share your moments through short videos that last for 24 hours. 
  4.  Follow different news channels and stay updated with the latest and authentic content.
  5. Send or receive payments across the world using WeChat Pay. However, this feature is available for certain regions only.

Google Hangouts

The Hangouts app is developed by Google to provide group messaging services to the users. It is now integrated with Google+ and Gmail. The quick messaging facility, HD Video calling, built-in screen sharing, auto screen focus etc enhance the user experience. With a 4 star rating, the app has more than 5 billion downloads from the Play Store. 


  1. You can message your contacts anytime even if they are unavailable online
  2. The app is compatible with Android and IOS devices.
  3. You can group video call with up to 10 people 
  4. Group chats can be created with up to 150 contacts 
  5. Share your thoughts twitch your loved ones through status, emojis, animated stickers GIFs etc

Google Messages

Google Messages is the simplest instant messaging app developed by Google. the app has more than 1 billion downloads and is compatible with Android 5.0 Lollipop and above devices. You can take the help of google assistant and send messages. Pay from the app directly using Google Pay.


  1. Express yourself with stickers and emojis and add fun to your conversations.
  2. You can send or receive messages using data or Wifi
  3. Switch to Dark mode in case of night or low-light situations.
  4. All your previous conversations are recorded individually for each contact. You can search the message and access it among several other conversations.


Discord was originally launched to provide a messaging platform for gamers. But later it was generalised for all types of users. Each channel has a server with its own set of regulations. This app gained huge popularity recently and has more than 140 million users monthly.  


  1. Servers are easy to create and can be made topic specific to eliminate clutter in group conversations.
  2. Create and join voice channels if you wish to converse via audio
  3. Create your customised emojis and stickers and share them in your community
  4. The app is a similar version of Slack


With the introduction of WhatsApp new terms of service and privacy policy, the Signal app has gained much popularity as the best alternative messaging app to WhatsApp. The app focuses primarily on user data privacy and protects your chats from hackers.  it is developed by a non-profit organization and hence you don’t have to worry about annoying ads that pop up while using the app.  


  1. The app is fully secured with heavy end to end encryption for chats and calls. 
  2. It has built-in editing tools to sketch, crop or edit your picture and share
  3. The app is compatible with Android (v4.4 and above) and IOS(11.0 and above) devices 

Viber Messenger

Designed by the Japanese MNC Rakuten, the Viber messenger app offers a simple, quick messaging service that has its most users from the US, Russia and Australia. The app has around 35,000 stickers and GIFs to spice up your conversations. Network with an unlimited number of people virtually with the Viber community. 


  1. Make free international calls, send unlimited text messages with just an internet connection 
  2. Make calls to non-Viber users or any landline or mobile without an internet connection using Viber out feature. All these services can be availed at the lowest call charges. You can also buy minutes to specific places through subscriptions. 
  3. The app can be accessed through desktop, mobile or tablet.
  4. The conversions are end-to-end encrypted with code that is converted into text on the receiver’s app only. This ensures high security to your data.

Malayalam Keyboard

Now you have seen the best android apps for messaging. No doubt these apps provide you with a bunch of advanced features for the highest quality user experience. But if we add a regional touch to your chats, the conversions spice up the entertainment.  Download Malayalam keyboard app and start conversing in the Malayalam language easily. The English to Malayalam typing feature helps you to type the regional words in English and it converts automatically into the Malayalam script. Unlimited GIFs, emoji and personalised stickers in the Malayalam typing app and add emotions to your words.  It is a fast, reliable and easy-to-use app with many latest features to personalise your conversations and build stronger relationships. Why wait, download the app now and enjoy the services. Happy texting.