Network Security Devices You Need to Know About

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Due to the drastic hype of cybercrime, it’s becoming a crucial thing to set up effective and reliable security systems. Every day the world is going through a huge number of malware attacks, cyber fraud, password detection, high-profile account hacking, and more. 

Like the technology is improving day by day, hackers also upgrade their systems to break the security barriers. In order to minimize the rate of these cyber crimes on a daily basis Information technology has launched a number of efficient Network security devices that everyone should know about. 

If you are still unaware of these Network security devices then, this article is for you. Scroll to read the brief features and working mechanism of these effective cybersecurity shields to make your network stronger. 

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Let’s Dive In To Know About The Types of Network Security Devices 

  1. Firewall

A firewall is a preventive wall that forms a barrier between different networks. It can be hardware or software, both used for network security. 

As a hardware device , It is capable of working as an individual network shield. Furthermore, it can be used in multiple device networks for securing the network traffic. It is placed right before the network router for configuring the incoming date from your computer system. 

As a software It works attentively to keep an eye on any data entering your network. The data is first filtered by a firewall and then delivered to your system. It is used in the most complicated infrastructure for offering the best data filtration barrier and offering preventive measures while maintaining the security of your system.

A firewall efficiently packets any malicious code and restricts it from entering your network. Firewalls offer these preventive security measures in three different types. 

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  • SPI (Stateful Packet Inspection)

This type of firewall is generally known as Dynamic Packet filtering. This works on the end-to-end encryption data rules. It inspects every data package entering your network, compares the data with the trusted information source, and then lets it go through it. 

  • Packet Filtering

It is the simple process of staining the bug-free data packets into your network system. It compares the data packet with the already saved information like port number, Ip address, or packet type. 

  • Proxy System Firewalls (Application Level Gateway)

This type of firewall offers the most secure security measures. It sorts out the defective data pieces at the application layer. It shields up your IP addresses & effectively maintains your network traffic at the minimum level.

  1. Intrusion Detection System

An intrusion detection system can be explained as an alarm. It works in configuring the data packet and warns you about the suspected security threats for the future.

It efficiently analyzes, detects, and reports suspicious activity happening during the data traffic cycle. With a proactive approach, this cybersecurity system aims to prevent your networks from hackers’ evil eyes. It is available in different types for detecting malicious bugs.

  • Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS)

This type of IDS is placed at the network gate to control and check the network inbound and outbound traffic. It analyzes the two-way information efficiently and warns about network threats. 

  • Host Intrusion Detection System (HIDS)

All the devices connected to your system via local connection or internet are detected by HIDS. It works on the network layer to recognize the malicious network package transferred through the internal connection or internet connection. 

  • Signature-based Intrusion Detection System (SIDS)

This type of IDS consists of an organized database for signature threats and attacks by hackers. It analyzes all the data packets and compares them to the signature threats. 

  • Anomaly-Based Intrusion Detection System (AIDS) 

This IDS also works on the network layer. It configures the current network traffic and relates it with the pre-defined network security norms. If it detects any virus, it alerts you for that.

  1. Unified Threat Management (UTM)

It is a consolidated network security device. UTM (Unified Threat Management) refers to an all-in-one network security device. It offers multiple features in one place with higher accuracy. 

The different attributes of UTM include firewall, VPN, anti-malware, anti-virus, Data protection systems, web filtration, & intrusion prevention. 

This multi-purpose network security system is used in many high-profile organizations for the best data prevention and network security services. 

It works on the principle of centralized integration and proper management rules. Owing to its high-tech features portfolio, it is quite cost-effective. 

  1. Anti-Virus

It is the most commonly used software for virus detection. It efficiently checks your system for bugs, detects the virus or bug in your system, and removes it. 

It ensures a safe and sound working environment for you. It is necessary to have software, whenever you are surfing through the internet or transferring any file through a network connection.

It prevents your system traffic from unwanted bugs that can do any drastic harm to your system.

  1. NAC (Network Access Control)

This network security system implements the preventive rules and limits unauthorized devices and users from entering the network. 

This cybersecurity device works especially for large organizations. It supports the network visibility along with the required management used to access the network.

It also imposes policy enforcement for corporate network users or devices. This network security device enables you to ensure network security over multiple devices & users.

Final Note

We all know the need for network security devices is like bread for life. Hackers are so efficient to hack any of the complicated systems within seconds. 

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