Things you should know about Hollywood celebrities on Instagram

Charlotte Miller

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Hollywood megastars give you a glimpse of their day-to-day lives through Instagram. Before the social media platform took flight, all you could know about these Hollywood stars was through magazines, interviews, or movies. However, now you are invited to their private parties, bathroom gossip, private jets, backstage, and so much more, giving you an up and close look into their glamorous lives. You need to scroll through your phone. That’s it. 

You can now keep track of minute-by-minute details of Hollywood celebrities through Instagram. But how do such notable Hollywood personalities manage to make a mark on Instagram with their busy schedules? Unfortunately, the answer is a vast bunch does not! 

If you consider a famous hot shot Hollywood star would bend over and wonder what to post next on Instagram, maybe you should reconsider a few things. First, celebrities rarely make time to fulfill their following commitments, so it is impossible to think they would manage social media handles all by themselves. And why would they? Instagram posts bring in thousands of dollars, making the celebrity’s social media handles all about business. 

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Below are five different tricks that become part of the trade:

So there are impeccably high chances that a position that feels like an impromptu selfie is not spontaneous but a full-fledged organized shoot with a designated stylist, makeup, and hair artist. It also includes professional photographers as well as a sponsorship by a specific brand. 

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Social network managers earn up to six figures for crafting witty posts for Hollywood stars 

You can get a lucrative high-end salaried job amongst Hollywood celebrities when you are a fresh college graduate. After agreeing on a non-disclosure agreement, social network managers can consider their jobs as constant. Often, Instagram managers travel with the Hollywood hotshot celebrities on their private jets and enjoy being a part of their entourage. However, when they do not travel, they land on the end of receiving endless streams of texts that most often make no sense. A social networking manager once said that it gets tough to translate a bunch of complete nonsense that most Hollywood stars send to them from far-off destinations from all over the globe. All they do is cross their fingers and hope. 

The flaw is that with six-figure salaries come significant risks. A simple wrong Instagram post can bring a quick and prompt end to a glamourous and sometimes envious job. Social media management can get pressurizing. Essentially, social networking managers become the public personalities for Hollywood megastars. There are plenty of stories where social media managers have fired for posts that should not have made it to Instagram or simply because the Hollywood celebrity did not approve of it. Therefore, it is important to remain diligent at the most. It has to be instant, rapid, and perfect. 

For most Hollywood stars, a single media manager is not enough. And it has resulted in a new trend in Hollywood. For many social networking managers, their jobs are referenced as celebrity publicists and tend to take on multiple Hollywood clients, providing fundamental social media service needs. They put together an entire post, including the captions, pictures, and creative strategy. Handling social media profiles includes managing posts and requires community management and care strategies, including responding to fans. The key is to get real comments on Instagram. The entire process is in collaboration with the team and talent.

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Every single post has a group of experts behind 

The perfect image, where the celebrities look at their glamorous selves, even in their most natural ways ever, is planned and organized. It is a rare sight when a Hollywood celeb posts a picture, which is candid without any orchestration. Instead, a regular phenomenon is them deciding on the post in advance, with a team of experts behind it. And that is the reason why they look so perfect in all their posts. 

Pictures that take weeks to come to perfection are crammed up all in a single day. They conduct the shoot throughout a city, with a bunch of ready clothes on the go. It results in approximately 15 shots that then get retouched. But celebrities cannot be picky about them. Photoshop is essential for almost every photograph. The pictures are retouched and photoshopped to look perfect. By nature, Hollywood celebrities are aspirational. Beyond the business strategy, Hollywood stars need relevance through Instagram 

Hollywood stars, who do not get into the cash business through Instagram, also require regular maintenance of their social media handles to remain significant. In the current scenario, big movie and music studios look straight at social media handles when considering the Hollywood artist for their next breakthrough. 

Instagram encourages a personal and intimate relationship with celebrities. Although the stars also constantly push themselves into specific conversations, their social media profiles cannot remain static.