The Best American Flags You Can Easily Buy Online

Charlotte Miller

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If you fly a flag at your home, you are familiar with how elemental damage, tangling, and age can become a problem. You want to display the red, white, and blue, but you don’t want to dishonor the flag, or the republic for which it stands, by purchasing a substandard flag.

While many options exist online to ensure that you can purchase a flag, not all flags are created equally; you should do your research carefully to ensure you get the best American flag you can find, to ensure it lasts for a long time.

Determine the trustworthiness of the vendor

While you may want to give everybody the benefit of the doubt, you should express caution whenever purchasing something, especially if that something is of great value to you.

If you’re purchasing from a major online retailer like Amazon or eBay, determine the seller’s ratings. A low score can indicate substandard products or even dishonesty.

However, a high score doesn’t always mean high quality; check a few reviews written by other people who have bought from an individual seller. If the word choice in the articles seems too bland, and odd grammar or spelling mistakes appear, be wary, as this could be a spam account.

If purchasing from a website dedicated to making flags, the same general rules apply; check to see if any positive or negative reviews exist for the site, and keep an eye out for unusual grammar and spelling errors. We all make spelling and grammar mistakes, of course, but really obvious grammar and spelling issues can be a sign of a fraudulent website.

Furthermore, you can also place flags in our home, you can buy flags for different countries or you can check online for vista flags for sale.

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Check the quality of their product

Once you’ve determined if a vendor is trustworthy, examine carefully how they describe their product. If they give generic statements about their products (“solid base” “bright colors”), their products may not be what you need.

By comparison, a quality product will often accentuate some of their stronger points (“flagpoles made of Vermont white ash,” “double-needle lock-stitching”). Those specifics indicate a greater care in the production, and genuine love and respect for the product.

And, as stated above, check the reviews. Don’t just look at the positive reviews, though; look at the negative reviews, too, to let you know what issues you may encounter with whatever product you purchase.

Be willing to spend a decent amount of money.

“You get what you pay for.” You’ve likely heard this before. This especially applies with a long-term investment like an American flag.

While you may be tempted to purchase an inferior product and replace it as needed, do you really feel like this would be the proper way to respect the flag? Considering that proper procedure requires that you bury or burn your old flags, you likely don’t want to do this often.

Therefore, it behooves you to spend a few hundred dollars on a flag and all the things you’d need to hang it properly.

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Maintain your flag

Once you’ve actually purchased your flag, you will need to learn proper care for your flag, to ensure that you don’t risk damaging it.

When you mount your flag, try to mount it in a way that prevents the flag from flapping against anything (such as the side of your house, or your gutters). Bring your flag inside if inclement weather strikes, to prevent mold and water damage.

Clean your flag regularly, washing it by hand with cold water and a mild soap or laundry detergent, then air-drying it.

If you don’t feel comfortable washing it yourself, several dry cleaners will wash American flags for free, or at a discount price; it never hurts to ask.

By purchasing a quality flag, then taking the necessary steps to take care of it, you can ensure that your flag lasts for a long time.