TheWiSpy Android Spy App: Easy Way to Spy on Text Messages

Charlotte Miller

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You must have many reasons that can force you to read someone’s messages. It could be a stressed parent trying to figure out who are their kids contacting on social media platforms. Or, it could be an employer that wants to monitor their remote employees to make the work progress better.

Cyberbullying has increased among children, especially teens; they are open about their lives on public platforms that can harm their lives. At the moment, they might not understand the threat, but texting with strangers can affect kids’ mental health. Parents want a secure environment for kids, and require a reliable tool to monitor their social media activities. 

Because let’s face it, you never know what your kid is doing when you are not there to monitor their activities physically. Some people want to catch their deceiving partner to find out if they are cheating or not. You can’t access someone’s phone at any time and start to read messages because people are sensitive about their privacy. 

There are easy ways to read chats without letting the target know. You can easily view messages with the help of You can remotely access your child or employee and view all stored files on your screen. 

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TheWiSpy- Overview

TheWiSpy is an advanced spyware app that can help you track messages, calls, apps, and other information on any android phone remotely. It is proven as a reliable and easy way to spy on a device. 

That’s because the modern and rich features do all the work, and you will get the output on your screen without lifting your finger. You will find different features that are enough for spying for parental as well as employee monitoring purposes. 

The app’s functionality is in stealth mode that gives the user an edge because you can track in secrecy. When you want to read messages from Instagram, the best android monitoring app will provide you secret access to the app. you can read all the SMS easily and take screenshots if you want. 

TheWiSpy- Benefits

  • Parental benefits:

Giving children mobile phones has become a necessity for parents. But the liability, that comes with it, is huge. Kids use mobiles without any limits that can cause them problems in future. Such as getting addicted to adult films, chatting with strangers on different apps. 

Cell phone addiction will create problems for kids and lead to mental health issues. TheWiSpy can help parents to keep their kids secure by providing the best android monitoring app services. You can monitor their online activity and help them when they need it.

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  • Employer benefits:

Whether it’s remote employees or office-based workers, it is essential to monitor work force activities during office hours. In most cases, they waste their time and company money by doing their chores. You can stop such activity right away by installing the spy app for android phones on their devices. TheWiSpy has more than 30 features that are specially designed for employee monitoring. 

How to monitor text messages with TheWiSpy?

TheWiSpy is very effective to monitor SMS on android phones; you can use it to read text messages easily on any device without getting caught. That’s because it works remotely, you have to command the app to fetch your information, and you can view it on your computer screen. 

You have to go through a process to read messages and spy on files through TheWiSpy. Read this detailed summary of how to spy with TheWiSpy easily.


  • Step 1: Subscription

TheWiSpy is an in-purchase app, so you must subscribe. If you aren’t signed up yet, then you must register. Type your email and set a password, and you’ll have your account. Now you can open the price plan page where you can select one package of your choice. Then complete the purchase for further process. 

  • Step 2: Downloading 

When you register yourself for a subscription, you’ll get a personalized link to download the application. Then, you can use it and start installing it through the browser on the target phone. After that, the app will hide in the target phone, that leaves no worry for you of getting noticed. 

  • Step 3: Account set-up

The last step will be done on your end; you can open a web browser through your phone or laptop. Then, fill-up the form by providing your own and target device data. Finally, you will enter the dashboard of TheWiSpy, where you can view all the spying features.

Open dashboard:

Everything is all set, and now you can start reading messages or spy on your target right away. Open your dashboard through the browser, and you’ll view all the features listed. You can use these functions to fetch information and make changes. 

TheWiSpy- spy features

Text message spy:

TheWiSpy offers an extensive SMS spy feature used to spy on text messages. You’ll be able to view sent, received, archived messages. In addition, the advanced technology of TWS allows users to retrieve recently deleted chats. 

These functions are advanced, but you can also delete a message or block a contact using the remote command. If you don’t want a text to reach out to your child or employee, you can delete it before viewing it. For example, in the case of some strangers sending creepy SMS to harm kids’ mental health, you have TheWiSpy to spy on text messages and control what’s approaching your child.

Call spy:

You can track call logs of your partner, employee, or child using the call spy feature. It lets you view the details of exchanged calls, such as duration, caller details. In addition, the remote functions allow you to block a caller if you find it a dangerous person for your kid.

Instant app message spy:

In today’s age, all social media apps provide a texting feature within them. That means the source of communication is beyond SMS or call. TheWiSpy spy app for android phones provides access to all social apps where you can read messages easily. It includes Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and many more. You can use remote functions as well, such as delete messages or block accounts that text inappropriately. 

GPS location spy:

If you’re worried about where your teen is after school time or where are your employees during office hours, then you can make good use of GPS location spy. The app will generate the live location of the target and send updates to the dashboard where you can view it. 

Multimedia files monitoring:

Teens store inappropriate pictures or videos of themselves on their phones. For example, they might send to friends or strangers they chat with on social platforms. You can delete such files from remote access using the multimedia monitoring feature. It’s in your hand how to help your kids make better decisions in life, so they don’t suffer in future. 

Instant alerts:

  • Call alert:

You can set alerts when someone specific or unknown calls on your child’s phone. The app will send a text alert so you can act instantly.

  • Keyword alert:

You can also set a keyword alert for inappropriate words, such as when your kid will receive a message containing bad words such as blackmailing, nudes, etc., then you’ll receive an alert.

  • Location alerts:

You can also put geographical restrictions using the geofencing feature for more security. When your kid leaves the house premises or when they enter a dangerous place, you’ll be informed.


Reading messages from an android phone isn’t that hard to start stressing. You can use TheWiSpy to spy on text messages easily. It has advanced features that will fetch the data and bring it to your account without you having to do anything. You can ensure your children’s security because you have control over who is approaching them via social apps.