10 Proven Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Charlotte Miller

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Instagram is a very popular social platform where you can post beautiful photos and show them to your friends instantly. Instagram followers is the number assigned to your activity or presence. This is the number displayed on your profile in front of your name. The number increases arbitrarily as you becoming more and more popular. The more likes you have, the higher your Instagram followers amount is. How to increase Instagram followers quickly? An Instagram user is mostly concerned about to get a massive numbers of follower for sure. Some people choose to have growth tools but you should study the market well and make a comparison to choose the best one. For example, Growthoid has this comparison features, you may look at it.

There are several ways to quickly increase your Instagram auto liker without login. I am sharing these methods here. I hope this helps you. Follow the good methods to follow “increase Instagram followers”.

1) Install Followers Gallery

Trust me this may be the only way to increase massive Instagram followers quick and safe! When you install the Instagram followers mod apk and log in for the first time, you’ll get some coins bonus for free, with which you can buy free followers or likes at Store page.

You can also share this App to your friends so that you get more coins for rewards. Doing tasks like following other Ins users or liking other people are also quick ways to gain more coins.

With enough coins, you go to the Get Followers page or Get Likes page and exchange Instagram followers and likes. The delivery tasks are completed within 24 hours, and you can see the process in the task list.

  1. Post regularly

This is the second step to success on Instagram. If you post one or two content per month, you are unlikely to succeed on this social network (unless you are a VIP). Set a goal of publishing one or two posts a day: without realizing it, you will publish more than 700 content in a year! Not bad, right?

  1. Post interesting posts

Try to be a “psychologist” and find out what topics your audience are interested in. Once you have identified the topics of your interest, do not leave anything to chance, and only post photos with no obvious flaws (remember you are on Instagram, where pictures are the real heroes of publications). Use filters (without exaggeration) and some apps to retouch photos and make your shots more appealing to the demanding Instagram community.

  1. Index your content with the right hashtags

If you want to be more visible in users’ searches, use some temporary services to increase your number of followers: Use the hashtag and all the hashtags or hashtags for Instagram like a hashtag for Instagram or a hashtag on Instagram. By using the most popular hashtags (and most relevant to the content you post), you will get noticed by some new followers who will start following you.

  1. Communicate with the community 

Communicating on social networks is very important (if you think about it, this is the purpose for which these types of platforms were born). So, interact with other users like content that interests you most, comment on publications that try to generate constructive discussions on a particular topic, and be fair, kind and polite when expressing your ideas and opinions. People who have similar ideas to you or have similar passions to you may notice you and why, they may even decide to start following you.


  1. Connect your Facebook Number Connect

This way you can reach more people and increase your chances of gaining followers as a result.

  1. Do something live 

Thanks to Instagram Live, a tool widely used by influencers, you can interact with your audience and build closer relationships with your followers. But, do not leave anything to chance: go live in a quiet place, not too serious, after all, well lit.

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  1. Be consistent 

If you follow the tips I have listed so far for a week or a whole month and go back to your old habits, you will see no benefit. The “secret” to success on Instagram (and any other social network in general) must be consistent and consistent. So, follow the advice I have given you consistently and carefully, in doing so, you will increase your chances of success on Instagram.


Friends, this is about Instagram and how to “increase your free Instagram followers”. I hope you can clearly understand the steps and implement them to get more followers. The 10 ways to increase Instagram followers above are very useful and efficient, why not have a try!