The Surprising Importance of Leaf Cleanup

Charlotte Miller

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It’s that time of year when the family gets together on cool fall afternoons and has a delightful time raking up fallen leaves while they dance around excitedly.

Perhaps this isn’t your family though.

And maybe raking leaves is not your idea of fun.

However, leaf cleanup is a necessary part of maintaining a beautiful garden and ensuring that you’re not an embarrassment to the neighborhood.

If you’re still on the fence, read these three reasons why you should get busy with leaf removal.

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Maintain a Healthy Lawn

A few golden leaves scattered across your park-like lawn certainly offers a whimsical look. On the other hand, a thick layer of rotting leaves is slightly less appealing. Besides the terrible aesthetics, when the trees dump their summer foliage, they prevent light and oxygen from getting to your carefully manicured lawn.

Without adequate air and sunlight, the grass can’t produce and store energy in its roots for the long winter months ahead. And, if left to compact during the winter then you may well be starting your beautiful lawn from scratch.

Nobody wants that.

Besides, raking your lawn with a strong metal rake pulls out clumps of debris and removes dead grass.

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Prevent Blocked Drains

Leaves do their own thing; they go where they want and aren’t fussy as to their final destination.

All too often though, their final resting place is your drain, gutters, or other inconvenient spaces. During the fall, these areas can become clogged and backed up super-fast resulting in a smelly, unhygienic mess that may require a time-consuming or expensive fix.

Prevention is so much better than cure. But if you don’t have the time or energy to keep on top of the leaf situation then call in those that do. For instance, SML Services offers a fast and meticulous leaf cleanup services in your area at reasonable rates.

Remove Homes for Pests

A dense layer of leaves is the perfect breeding ground for fungi, insects, and other unwanted pests. Logic dictates that if our houses are surrounded by the ideal home for snakes, rodents, and other bugs, then it’s only a matter of time before they move in with us.

Regular, thorough raking will stop this problem before it starts.

If your family is complaining about the time leaf cleanup takes, ask them if they’d prefer to spend the winter dodging unwelcome guests in the home.

These fallen leaves can be used effectively for composting or mulching, adding nutrients back into your flower beds when spring rolls around.

Leaf Cleanup Benefits Your Neighborhood

Leaf cleanup is an essential part of a beautiful home, an attractive neighborhood, and a healthy suburban environment. Staying on top of leaf removal can be time-consuming, but the benefits outweigh the work.

For more helpful tips on keeping your home and family safe and healthy, stay tuned to our inspiring blog.