The most profitable wholesale businesses to start in the USA

Charlotte Miller

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The best thing about wholesale business is that you can get a good return on your investment. It does not mean that starting a wholesale business is easy. 

You have to go through many difficult steps to lay the first stone in establishing your business. One of the first steps is to select the type and niche of your wholesale business.

To succeed in your business, you will have to choose a business type that is the most profitable in the US. You may get overwhelmed by the types of the wholesale business and their market values. 

That is why we are here. Below you will find a list of the most profitable businesses in the US. 

So, shall we start?

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Criteria for profitable wholesale businesses

Before we jump to the list of wholesale businesses, let’s discuss some important factors.  Success in a wholesale business depends on your selection of rights products. But how to choose the products? 

To know the answer, check the following guidelines;

  • The product you choose should be in demand.
  • It should be unique.
  • The price of the product should not be common knowledge. 
  • The product should be seasonal.
  • The product should have durability and high quality.

Most profitable wholesale businesses in the USA

  • Apparel and Textile

The apparel and textile are a moneymaking wholesale business industry. It covers everything from clothing to footwear. 

Why should you choose this?

The best thing about apparel and textile is that it will always be in demand. Clothing is a human necessity, and that is what makes it the most profitable industry.

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What should you consider?

The demand for this industry is high, but so is the number of your competitors. It might be difficult for you to find your place in the market. The top brands are already in contracts with suppliers and wholesalers. You can start with small distributors to establish your wholesale business.

  • Computer and Mobile Accessories

Computer and mobile accessories are sold all over the world. It is one of the reasons why it is among the most profitable wholesale businesses. 

Why should you choose it?

The best thing about computer and mobile accessories is that you do not need to look for its retailers. Due to the high demand, there are always tons of retailers ready to buy wholesale mobile accessories.

What should you consider?

You will need to invest more to start the business of computer and mobile accessories. The ever-growing demand requires you to maintain large stocks of all the items.

  • Paper and Stationery Items

No matter how much the world gets advanced, we shall always need paper and stationery items. You will never have to worry about the orders if you choose this industry.

Why should you choose it?

Schools and offices will always need paper and stationery items. That means your products will always be in-demand.

What should you consider?

The point of concern in this industry is that the prices of items are very low. This factor can make it difficult to manage inventory. 

  • Sports/ Fitness Equipment 

The sports and fitness industry has shown massive growth in the last 15-20 years. There will always be some popular sports in any community. The increasing numbers of gyms and fitness centers have also affected demand.

Why should you choose it?

This is one of the most secure wholesale industries to invest in. Sports equipment like football will never go out of demand. 

What should you consider?

The level of popularity is different for every sport in each country. You should research and select your target market before choosing this wholesale industry. 

  • Home Appliances

Home appliances are another large and most profitable wholesale industry in the US. It is the need of every household, that is why people will always need home appliances.

Why should you choose it?

You should choose home appliances, as the cost of products is relatively high. That means you can get a good amount of profit on a few orders.

What should you consider?

Home appliances are expensive, and this fact may stop you from dealing with more products. You may have to select one or two products and stick with them. It can limit your reach in the market, but other than this, you will have nothing to worry about.


No matter what type of wholesale business you select, your ability to capture the market will make all the difference. Use the guidelines mentioned above and choose a wholesale industry that suits your budget and location. Before you go, do let us know about your favorite wholesale industry among the ones listed above.?