Psychology BA Vs Psychology BS – What’s The Difference?

Charlotte Miller

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The field of psychology is the study of the mind, how it functions, and how that function affects behavior. This field of study can lead you to careers in fields across our society, from social work to business development. Depending on your study focus, you can use your degree in myriad ways.

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Your choice to study psychology may come from a variety of desires. If you have long been interested in studying the basis of behaviors, you may want to dig into the tracking and documentation of a BS in psychology. The BS in psychology offers a more traditional focus. If you are interested in

  • statistics
  • clinical therapy work
  • biology of the brain

a BS could serve you extremely well.

Your focus on the sciences could lead you to a more clinical career. If you have an interest in conditions of the developing brain, you may be studying the actions and behaviors of children in a specific setting. You may be tracking their growth, development, and behavioral changes, but you may not be actually working directly with the child on a regular basis.

That being said, there is a great deal of empathy needed in anyone getting a degree in psychology. If the brain of a human is functioning within normal limits, you probably won’t be working with them as a psychologist. Your career will require a great deal of flexibility and problem-solving skills, as well as strong powers of communication.

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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

When determining your focus on a psychology BA vs BS degree, it’s important to consider your ability to focus deeply. If your interest in psychology has a strong biological basis, the BS will likely be more interesting. 

A BA in psychology can allow you to enjoy a softer focus in your field of study. For example, you might extend your psychology classes with sociology classes and go to work in the field of law or journalism.

Your interests can help you build a more custom plan of study when you choose to earn a BA. For example, in addition to psychology, or the study of why people do what they do, you may also want to study

  • sociology, or why groups of people do what they do
  • anthropology, or why humanity as a whole does what it does

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Humans are complicated, awkward and messy. They can also be remarkable, generous and even self-sacrificing. Most interestingly, humans can change quite quickly and bounce between all of these behaviors. If you are interested in all the facets of human behaviors and the human experience, a BA may be the degree for you.

Your psychology degree can make you an asset in a variety of different industries and fields. If you start on one program and have an interest in the other side of the choice, you can easily expand your course choices with online platforms like Best Psychology Degrees and dig in a bit more deeply into your field.