The Many Splendid Joys Of Owning A Dishwasher

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Let’s face it- nobody actually enjoys washing up after dinner, especially after a long, exhausting day at work or school. It’s just so much easier to stack the dirty plates in the sink, run a little water over them, then forget about them until tomorrow! Then tomorrow, when you are once again exhausted after a long day, you can just do it again, and save them for the next day, they’re just dishes, they don’t mind! Once you have started this process of not washing up after dinner it becomes a simple matter of rinse and repeat, except without all the rinsing. The problem with this all too common practice is that you are just staving off the inevitable, and during this period of taking no action your dirty dishes are providing a damp, cosy home for all kinds of nasty, stinky bacteria!

When the mess finally starts to spill over onto the counters, and you have to face the inevitable, you will come to regret letting it get so out of hand as you work ten times as hard as you would have if you had just kept up with it in the first place! Don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone in this, nobody wants to do the stupid dishes after dinner! That’s why some kind and ingenious soul invented the dishwasher to take that onerous chore off your hands once and for all! Let’s now examine all the wonderful reasons why installing a dishwasher is such an incredibly good idea!

  • It’s Easy – We have already established that washing the dishes is the last thing you want to do after dinner, when you could be headed to the living room to watch TV, or read a book like they did in the old days. All you need to do is open the dishwasher door and stick those dirty plates in, toss in the required amount of dish soap, close the door, and press a button! Voila! Now you can go do what you are supposed to do during your off time, put your feet up and relax while the dishwasher does the hard work for you!
  • It’s Cleaner – No matter how dedicated a scrubber you are, you are never going to be able to achieve the crystal clear cleaning a dishwasher can provide with your hands. Those disgusting piles of ugly, dirty, neglected dishes will never stack up again, which will put an end to any nasty bacteria that have come to view your kitchen sink as their luxury condo. Out darn spot, out! Your dishwasher has it all under control.
  • It Saves Energy – Even in a small family, opting to install a dishwasher will save you big on power and water bills by greatly reducing the amount of electricity used to heat all the wasted water hand washing requires. The dishwasher is designed to be efficient and cost-effective, providing maximum cleaning without maxing out your bank book!

So, no more dishpan hands and stinky sinks, join the legions of happy homeowners who have installed dishwashers here in front of the TV after dinner, and put your feet up, it’s time to relax!