The Art of Snacking: Navigating Food Choices on Hyderabad to Bangalore Flights

Charlotte Miller

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In-flight dining often leaves much to be desired. The uniqueness of airplane snacks merits exploration to enhance the culinary journey between Hyderabad and Bangalore. This article focuses on navigating food choices on these short-haul domestic cheap flights under 2 hours.

With durations under 2 hours, Hyderabad to Bangalore flights offer a unique in-flight snacking experience compared to long haul journeys. This article explores snacking options through available food choices, local recommendations, and nutrition tips to best navigate snacks on these routes.

In-Flight Food Options

On short duration Hyderabad to Bangalore flights under 2 hours, basic complimentary snacks like sandwiches, cookies or namkeens are provided by airlines. More elaborate paid meal options can be pre-ordered. Typical beverage choices range from soft drinks to juices, coffee and tea. Those with dietary restrictions can request special meals like vegetarian, vegan or religious options, though advance notice is recommended when booking tickets. Overall, the inflight dining is designed to be light given the brief journey time.

Local Snacking Recommendations

Hyderabad is renowned for its delicious snacks that celebrate the local cuisine. Some classic options to pack for your flight include Mirchi Bajji, the iconic green chilies dipped in spicy gramme flour batter and fried to perfection. Osmania Biscuits are melt-in-your-mouth treats, and Qubani ka Meetha, made from apricots, is a sweet way to end the inflight meal.

Bangalore too has outstanding local snacks, from Churumuri, the addictive street food of puffed rice mixed with spices, sev and onions, to Nippattu, crisp fried rice paper rolls stuffed with coconut. No flight to Bangalore would be complete without Congress Peanuts, roasted peanuts with Indian spices. Other options are the sweet Mysore Pak, tender coconut cubes steeped in jaggery, and Chiroti Puri, fried pooris served with sweet and spicy chutneys.

Carrying traditional snacks onboard captures the regional essences of Hyderabad and Bangalore. Not only does it allow you to share your city’s specialties with co-passengers, it also serves as a tasty edible souvenir. While airlines cater to universal tastes, adding local favourites elevates the experience, satiating one’s cravings for comfort foods from back home. Whether it is spicy Mirchi Bajjis from Hyderabad or sweet Chiroti Puris from Bangalore, these snacks showcase the cities’ culinary riches, spice, variety and hospitality.

Snacking Tips for Frequent Flyers

Prepare healthy snacks in advance and pack them in reusable containers. Opt for nuts, fruits, roasted makhana or homemade granola bars that provide sustained energy. Carry cutlery and napkins to avoid plastic use inflight. Keep snacks accessible so you can munch whenever hungry. Avoid packing messy or perishable items that may spoil.

When choosing inflight snacks, satisfy your tastebuds without compromising nutrition. Pick fresh fruits or roasted nuts that are filling yet healthy. Indulge occasionally in a small piece of dark chocolate. Stay hydrated with infused water or fresh lime soda instead of aerated drinks. Overall, aim for wholesome snacks that give an energy boost without unwanted calories or artificial flavours. Moderation and mindfulness in selection are key.


This article explored the art of snacking when travelling between Hyderabad and Bangalore. We covered airline meal options, suggested local flavorful snacks like Mirchi Bajjis and Nippattus to liven up your culinary journey, and offered tips for making healthier selections mid-flight. As you book your next ticket, think creatively about enhancing your snacking experience. – try some regional specialties along with nutritious picks to snack smart. The short hop between these cities is a chance to discover new tastes and balance nutrition. Embrace the recommendations here to satisfy your tastebuds while in transit.