Styling tips to improve your personality with embroidered patches

Charlotte Miller

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While struggling to enhance your personality, you need to improve your style. A person needs to put maximum effort to spice up his fashion trend. Patches are a great way to add meaning to your outfit. It does not matter where you wanted to attach a patch; you can simply fix it anywhere.

Actually, patches are similar to tattoos for your outfits. With the help of patches, you can show up your style and personality. Custom embroidery patches let you express your favorite music band or TV show everywhere you go. You must have seen patches on the hats or even backpacks. Custom patches tend to be real-time symbols of your personality type.

Furthermore, you can add patches to your jackets, mobile accessories, or even sneakers. Patches can also be used for uniforms to represent multiple organizations and brands. If you want to know more styling tips to improve your personality with the help of embroidered patches, keep reading.

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Things You Can Use with the Patch Trend

Using embroidered patches on your clothes, you can make your outfit extra special. Try the following tricks:

  •         You can wear a beautifully designed jacket with colorful embroidery patches. It will give you a casual trend for an everyday look. A denim jacket would be highly preferable for designing.  
  •         Try wearing the beautifully designed denim with your stretchable pants and a pair of casual joggers. It will give you an excellent trendier casual appearance.
  •         For party wear, you can wear some patches over jeans and a tee and jacket if you want. Don’t go in black jeans or a jacket; it will not be suitable. A beach tour wants you to wear shorts with a t-shirt, as in the summer season, it is the best outfit for enjoyment. Wear some slippers or sandals as they give a more relative look.

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Patches and Fashion Trends

If we compare the fashion and style of the ’60s with today’s, you will find out the fashion sense is entirely different. Do you know, in the ’60s, Hippies tend to wear used clothes?

Used clothes have stains and tears; that’s why patches were the best solution to hide those tears and marks. The patches used in the past tend to express the interests and likes of the people. Now, patches are used at different places as they have other purposes. Today, people find a collection of patches inspiring and let it spread everywhere.

Tricks to Use Patches to Improve Personality

You can use embroidery patches anywhere you want, and it does not matter at all. Keep in mind that you are not accountable for what you wear because it is your personal choice. However, you must not break the rules of any place if they have dress codes to follow.


Your plain and straightforward handbag might need to update. Using beautifully colored embroidery patches on your bag can enhance the beauty and not disturb your budget. Attaching the patches with glue will add glamour and elegance to your simple bag. Your customized bag will also trigger you to work on your outfit to make it relatable.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Let’s talk about the clothes later on.

Other than your bag and outfit, you must not forget mobile accessories to decorate feasibly. You can use your phones as well to express your personality because mobile phones are something you always carry with you. You can decorate mobile cases with embroidery patches of attractive design and colors behind the screens of mobile phones.

However, you need to keep your phone safe while expressing your style. Patching your phone will also give your mobile a unique look. You can even match your phone cover with your jacket or jeans for fun.


Coming back to the clothes, you can use patches on your outfit to cover small tears or stubborn marks. With the help of customized embroidery patches, you can boost the fashion sense. While adding taste to your outfit, you must be careful in selecting patches’ designs and colors.

Patches have enough flexibility as they can change the looks of your outfit completely. Whether you want a party wear dress, a formal wear outfit, or a casual wear suit, you can all have it easy with a mindful game of sticking patches.

Knee Patches for kids

As already mentioned, you can use patches anywhere from head to toe. Patches are just like tattoos on your clothes. Kids usually smash up their outfits sooner or later. You must not shout every time because of the damage. There are plenty of ways to fix those tears.

Using patches on the knees of damaged jeans or trousers is the all-time favorite solution. You can even let your kids learn alphabetic, numeric, or even shapes with customized embroidery patches. Or else you can make favorite cartoon characters and give a cool heroic look. It will make your kid happy!

Express through Shirts

By using patches on your shirts, you can simply express your feelings and emotions about anything. You can even spread a powerful message to others by customizing your shirt with embroidery patches. And it’s easy to get patches on shirts and clothes through sewing machines or by iron but it depends on what type of patch it is.


Your pair of sneakers are full of dust and minor cracks. Why don’t you update it?

Well, updating a pair of sneakers need a handful of money. What if you possibly update them without using too many dollars? Surprised? Yes, you can revamp the sneakers with the help of customized patches to fix with glue.

Your sneakers will look bright and stylish at the same time. Wearing these sneakers with jeans and a designed shirt will give you more charming vibes. You don’t need to do a lot; just place the patches over the cracks and stains. Polish the pair of sneakers and get ready to wear them.

Try to focus on the relevancy among patches you use on a handbag, shirt, jeans, mobile cover, and sneakers. Try to avoid incompatibility as it does not improve the personality; even it can drop your fashion sense.