Advantages of Buying a Used RV

Charlotte Miller

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RV sales have skyrocketed throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have purchased RVs in an effort to continue traveling without having to rely on taking flights and using other forms of public transportation.

Would you like to join these people by picking out an RV for yourself? If so, you’ll have the option of either buying a new RV or buying a used RV.

There are pros and cons that come along with each of these options. But generally speaking, buying a used RV is probably going to be your best bet right now.

Today, we’re going to run through some of the biggest advantages of buying a used RV to show you why. Check out these advantages below and then start shopping around for the perfect used RV.

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Buying a Used RV Will Be More Affordable Than Buying a New One

When you buy a brand-new motorhome RV straight off a dealer’s lot, it’s going to cost you somewhere between $40,000 and $80,000 on average. That is obviously a lot of money to spend on an RV.

If you would like to save money on an RV, buying a used RV instead will be a great idea. You should be able to find used RVs that cost just a fraction of what new ones will.

We would encourage you to visit to see some of the used RVs that will be available to you when you’re in the market for one. You might be surprised to see just how affordable many of them can be.

It’ll Cost You Less to Insure a Used RV Than It Will to Insure a New RV

As soon as you begin driving an RV around, you’re going to have to secure an insurance policy for it. It’ll protect you in the event of an accident and guarantee that you don’t get stuck paying huge repair bills.

The exact price that you’ll have to pay in order to insure an RV is going to depend on a bunch of different factors. But you can bank on an insurance policy for a used RV costing a whole lot less than an insurance policy for a new RV.

Since used RVs aren’t worth as much as new ones, you won’t have to worry about spending a small fortune on RV insurance. You should be able to track down a policy that will fit within your budget.

A Used RV Won’t Depreciate as Fast as a New One Will

The instant that you take ownership of pretty much any vehicle, it’s going to depreciate to some degree. Depreciation is just something that you’ll have to live with when you’re purchasing a car, truck, SUV, or, in this case, an RV.

But here’s the thing: Depreciation is going to be a much bigger issue for you when buying a new RV versus a used one. A new RV will depreciate significantly more than a used one when you buy it.

If depreciation is something that concerns you, then buying a used RV will make all the sense in the world. You aren’t going to see your RV lose as much value as it would otherwise when it’s used.

A Used RV Shouldn’t Experience as Many Issues as a New One (in Most Cases!)

One thing that a dealer isn’t going to tell you when you’re buying a new RV is that there are likely going to be some kinks that you’ll have to work out when you start driving it around. A lot of newer RVs will have minor problems pop up from time to time that will need to be dealt with accordingly.

That isn’t to say that a used RV won’t have its fair share of issues, too. But more often than not, the previous owner of an RV will already have worked out many of the kinks with it. It’ll allow you to enjoy your RV rather than constantly working to make things right with it.

You Should Be Able to Purchase a Warranty for a Used RV

Some people opt to buy a new RV as opposed to a used one because of the warranty that comes along with it. They like the idea of having a warranty in place just in case anything goes wrong with their RV.

When buying a used RV, you’re not going to get this same kind of warranty standard. But you should know that you can always purchase a warranty for your used RV and use it to get the same peace of mind that you would get with a new RV.

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You’ll Always Be Able to Sell a Used RV for a Fair Price Later On

There is a chance that you might buy an RV, use it for a year or two, and then realize that owning an RV isn’t for you. At that point, you’ll want to turn around and sell your RV and try to get top dollar for it.

It’s going to be difficult to do this when you still have a relatively new RV on your hands. You might not be able to sell it for enough money to justify parting ways with it.

But you shouldn’t have any trouble unloading a used RV for slightly less than what you bought it for. It’s one more great reason to consider buying a used RV versus buying a new one.

Think About Buying a Used RV Today

Are you in the market for an RV right now? As you’ve seen here, buying a used RV is usually going to be the best option for you.

At the very least, you should shop around for a used RV to see what’s out there. You might be able to find a great used RV that you love for a lot less than what a new RV would cost you.

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