Renovating home interiors- Tips and Tricks

Charlotte Miller

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Renovation is a tedious and expensive job- it not only takes a long time but making renovation decisions can make or break your home. It’s extremely important that the renovation decisions you make increase the value of your home whilst giving it your personality. You do not want to spend all your money on creating a house that you either don’t like or one that needs to get renovated again in a few years. This can be easily avoided though, and we have compiled a list of tips and tricks you can employ when renovating home interiors.

Focus on Security

One of the most important things to consider when renovating your home is the security of the place. No matter your home renovation plans, make sure you include elements of safety. One of the easiest ways to do this is by installing burglar alarms around the place. To get them installed by professionals, you can click here. Aside from the alarms, consider getting locks that require a passcode or a fingerprint over the traditional lock and key, as it is extremely easy to pick a lock now-day. Investing in a taller and sturdier fence is also a good way to enforce security around the space. 

Ensure that you do not leave out any loopholes that can compromise the security in your home by eliminating hiding spots. Use good lighting outside your home to make the place safe from burglars and vandals. Studies have shown that a well-lit place is unlikely to attract vandalism and thieves as compared to a darker and dingier setting. Using motion-activated lights can solve the light problem while providing you with sufficient lighting as well, whenever you have to go out at night. Motion sensor lightning also alerts you if any unwanted guests are on your property. 

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Use the original architecture of the house

One of the best ways to increase the resale value of your home while providing it with a personality is to use the original architecture of the house if it was built in the past or has a history. Exposing the original elements and bringing focus to them can add to the detailing of the place, making it look classy and elegant. One easy way to do this is by adding finishing details on such architectural elements. These can be original mouldings, fireplaces or even the way the rooms were made. Remove all the drywall and open up the spaces to what the house originally had. This will not only increase the storage and moving around space but will also increase the resale value of the house. An easy technique to draw attention to the original features is by painting them or by restoring their original colour. If your house originally had a lesser number of rooms or a different sized stairwell, try using those elements when renovating home interiors- the house will look and feel much better and bigger. 

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Go for natural materials

Using natural elements when renovating home interiors, is the easiest way to make a home that will last long, will have a timeless style and wouldn’t go “out of style” with the changing trends. Using natural materials in your home can make all these things happen. Natural materials are timeless and make your space look authentic. They usually last longer and are also very aesthetically pleasing. You can use various design techniques to achieve a natural look- for example, you can go for wooden floorings instead of plush carpets. Darker wooden floorings provide a very elegant look whereas lighter wooden floorings would make the space look brighter and lighter. Original wood floorings also last way longer than carpets or tiles and are classic. Another example is using stone walls or employing terracotta and wooden furnishings throughout the house. This adds a layer of depth to your place and also makes it feel connected to nature. Going for natural colours like green, yellows and blues also adds those natural elements to your home. 

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Add your personality in

No matter what kind of interior design style you are going for or what colours you are selecting, it’s important that you add in elements that bring your personality to the limelight when walking into the house- choose colours that make you happy and furnishings that serve your purpose. For example, if you are a book lover, building a bookcase around your place or even a dedicated room as your library will pay off as you will be able to enjoy that space. Similarly, build a space where you can display the things you are passionate about- art, clothes, books, records or CDs- your home should have dedicated elements that cater to your passions and needs. 

You can also use furniture to define your personality. Using rounded couches or coloured fabrics is a great way to embrace designs that speak to you.