Affordable interior design for those on a budget

Charlotte Miller

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Interior designing can be a tedious and pretty expensive task, with big changes that update your home but empty your bank balance. However, there are multiple ways you can change your interior design on a budget and we have all the tricks you need. The first thing to do though would be to look around your home and make a note of all the things that need urgent attention. Making a priority list will help you sort out the rest of the design and budget better. Once you have the budget and the list covered, and if you have some money left, you can go for the extra bits. 


One of the easiest ways to change the look of your kitchen by employing an affordable interior design is by painting the cabinets. Changing the entire cabinet doors can be pretty costly. Painting them on the other hand can save you a lot of money. All you need to do is strip them of the earlier paint and sand them down, apply primer and then go crazy with whatever colour you would like. Traditionally, greens, whites and greys are perfect for the kitchen and provide the classic timeless feel. However, you should try to go for the colours that are a theme in your house or colours that make you happy. If you like minimalism, consider a monochromatic kitchen look. On the other hand, if you are into a mid-century or modern contemporary, go for exposed wooden cabinets. 

Mixing and matching colour and wooden elements in your kitchen will provide a layer of depts and make the space look better. Remember to include your lightning in the designing process. You don’t want to have too warm light as it can reduce visibility in the kitchen area. Having big windows that provide direct sunlight should always be your first choice. You can also consider getting a skylight installed in your kitchen to give it a more open look. 

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Living room

If you are more into contemporary design and like going for trends, and changing your room looks according to it, the easiest and most affordable interior design trick is to go for neutral colours. Neutral walls allow for a lot of creative freedom that you can explore. If you are not particularly into neutrals but also don’t want to take a risk with a brighter colour, you can use simple designing techniques like creating a feature gallery wall or having lots of vertical floating shelves that add dimension to the room without having to add colour to the walls. 

Consider panelling your living room for a more dynamic and layered look. Panelling is inexpensive, looks good and adds value to the room. You can also paint the panels a different or brighter colour and choose to keep the walls neutral if you want to add a pinch of colour to the room.

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We get it, bathroom tiling and walls can not always be fun- or can they? By using removable vinyl paper, you can experiment all you want with different colours and designs for your bathroom walls and floors. These vinyl are extremely cheap, protect the original flooring and walls and are waterproof, making them the perfect match for our affordable interior design tricks and tips. 

Alternatively, you can use them on your bathroom cupboards and racks if you don’t want them to cover your whole space. Once again, in the bathroom, it’s important to remember that the lighting is good. For this area, we recommend more of a cold light rather than a warm one. 

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Include security

The most important thing to do when renovating your space is to include security in it. This means ensuring that your place is safe from burglars and vandalism. An easy and affordable way to do this is by installing burglar alarms or by adding CCTV cameras around your place. You can get these installed by professionals by clicking here. Another way to increase security is by adding motion-sensor lights on the outside of your house as they will be perfect to alert you about unwanted guests. 

Fire alarms are also pretty important when it comes to the security of your house and investing in good fire alarms is going to make your place safer. You can also opt for including touch padlocks or locks that open with a pin code to avoid getting your lock picked

Be Yourself

The most important trick we have for you is to be yourself and include your personality in your space. Don’t be afraid of adding colour or using design techniques that others won’t. At the end of the day, it is your home and the upgraded version of it must make you happy.