Reasons Why Students Love Online Learning

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Reasons Why Students Love Online Learning

Students are very curious souls. They keep on searching for new content and new material for their learning goals. Students should be willing and thirsty for knowledge and information in order to achieve their academic benchmarks. For this they have to do a lot of hard work and effort but today’s students are very passionate and they never step back from working hard, in fact these days students are self-directed in the matter of learning. Earlier students had to go the schools and colleges to attain knowledge and qualification only and classes used to be teacher centred. But the plot has changed now, students are learning through innovative mediums such as online learning. Online learning is playing a crucial role in the development of the knowledge of the kids. Online learning is also opting for many innovative tools like software for school management and institute ERP which are making online learning more beneficial for the students. Online learning is providing many benefits to the students due to which even those students who could not see the dreams of having education are attaining degrees from universities of foreign countries. An online course needs the same efforts and hard work as an offline course just here mediums become digital. Here also after teaching, the tutor expects students to accomplish some tasks like revision of taught subjects, accomplishment of assignments, to go through lecture materials and participate in the group discussions on the taught subjects. So, let’s discuss the reasons why students love online learning. 

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Studying is very easy when one is in student life but it becomes very difficult if one wishes to while having a full-time job. Studying with a job becomes very difficult due to clash of timings but a student who is learning from online learning gets flexibility in time of learning and can learn after the time left from his working hours. Students are satisfied in a very large quantity because they have a way to escape from a lot of dissatisfactory parts of traditional face-to-face teaching methods. As compared to old and traditional methods, students had to go to school and had to interact with tutor face-to-face. That too in a crowded class of 30-40 students in each class where they were not able to ask their queries regarding any problem which was subject related. Apart from that, the teacher could not even focus on weak students and had to rush to complete the course material only. In online learning methods students have satisfaction of getting individual attention and they can interact with tutor without disturbing the class of a huge mass. Suppose if class is running in a mobile teacher app and a student wants to ask something but teacher is teaching then without interrupting him the student can ask his query in a chat box and teacher will address the query as soon as he or she gets free from lecture.

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Software for school management and institute ERP are those tools of online learning which make education the easiest thing for the students to attain knowledge while tackling other responsibilities. Online education has played the role of catalyst in many ways towards higher education with the help of various facilities it provided. These facilities which changed the face of higher education is, easy access to education, one can obtain higher education even remotely, effective time management, one can obtain higher education even while working or being a professional too whereas while being in earlier no one can dream about attaining higher education. Students get more comfortability in online learning as they are free from strict boundaries like uniform code, nothing to eat while studying, and to sit straight and disciplined. Apart from school discipline students can be seen sitting with stretched legs, in shorts and also while in online learning they can drink and eat according to their need and can study also meanwhile. The funny thing is after a long day at online learning and being tired of studying, children don’t have to travel much from their study table to their bed to play video games. In online classes students learn to interact with many faces and people from other regions and areas of the country and become familiar with all those faces. Online classes offer opportunities to the students where they learn to connect more efficiently than face-to-face medium of education in traditional methods of learning.