How to write a Formal Letter: the Rules of Formatting

Charlotte Miller

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The online service Pandadoc allows users to create templates for official correspondence in order to save time when sending emails. This resource was created to optimize workflow in companies, including correspondence between departments and communication with clients and partners.

Pandadoc functionality is not limited to creation and implementation of official letters. Using the service allows you to analyze your correspondence and make necessary adjustments in a time. Using the platform’s functionality, users can quickly edit documents and track their movement in real time.

What does the official letter template include

Unlike an ordinary letter, official correspondence must meet several requirements:

  • Such letters must necessarily contain the information of the sender and the recipient ( full name of the responsible person and contact details of the company);
  • Official letters are written from a specific person or group of persons, so they must have appropriate signatures (if you use the Pandadoc service, it is possible to sign documents online with an electronic signature);
  • Availability of letterhead is not mandatory, but it is a desirable condition.

It is possible to make a template for any type of official letter. For example:

  • recommendation;
  • letter of guarantee;;
  • notice or confirmation;
  • an invitation to a meeting and other formats of correspondence.

Representatives of many companies prepare such documents manually out of ignorance, and it takes quite a lot of time. It is much easier to use services that already have a sample of one or another letter in their catalog. This greatly reduces the amount of time and makes paperwork more convenient and easier. A company employee will just have to enter the necessary information (sender’s name, details, etc.) into the prepared formal letter template and use the ready template on a regular basis. If necessary, the information can always be added or removed.

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Advantages of Pandadoc service

Pandadoc combines many useful features for business.

First of all, it allows you to work with documents quickly: use templates, create your own documents and work with them online, and sign them using electronic signatures. All these functions are directed to optimize business processes in the company by means of qualitatively new approach to document management.

The following features are also among the useful ones of this resource:

  • the possibility of integration with a variety of CRM-systems;
  • analyzing the movement of documents of the company and changes made to them;
  • provision and management of access to the documents;
  • availability of a free trial period to familiarize yourself with the functionality and options of the service.

Every year the platform improves and offers new features to its customers, which help businesses increase their turnover.  Pandadoc is one of the most popular services of this type and has many fans all over the world. This means that developers offer really effective solutions for companies of any format, from small entrepreneurs to large corporations – everyone will find useful features, helping to optimize business processes and achieve higher and higher results.

If you want to find out if Pandadoc is right for your specific situation, all you have to do is register on the official site and get free access to the service’s functionality.

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