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Real Estate Development Company In Mauritius – Know House

Is buying a property in Mauritius a dream of yours? From the tax incentives, to the dreamy setting, all the way to the residency permits provided, the island is home to many opportunities. Whether you wish to expatriate to Mauritius, own a holiday home or consider an investment property, Know House can make your dreams come to life. Standing as the leader in real estate development in the island, the company creates and delivers some of the most exclusive properties on the market. Here’s why you should contact Know House if you wish to invest in property.

A Wide Scope Of Services 

In view of building high-end properties and to consolidate their position as leader in the market of beachfront properties in Mauritius, Know House aimed to widen their scope our services. Starting by construction and property acquisition to interior finishes, after sales service and more, you will find everything you need for a successful property investment. Contact Know House to receive full support and personalised advice, provided by qualified professionals from the conception to the delivery of your future home. 

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Strong Partnership With Sister Companies

For the smooth-running of each property development, Know House often works hand in hand with its two sister companies to better manage, build and design each project. DLB, the first sister company, works on the construction process while Nextep, the second sister company, provides outstanding interior finishes to make your home sparkle. Together, they form a fantastic team of property development experts who never fail to offer an unparalleled buying experience and service at all times. 

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Unmatched Reputation And Results

Since the creation of the company in 2016, Know House has been working closely with DLB Construction, a pioneer in building and civil engineering in Mauritius with around 30 years of experience. Known for their reliability and high-quality work, the company built and designed some of the most exclusive properties on the island. Following DLB Construction’s footsteps, Know House aims to provide the same level of service with a solid team of engineers, designers, architects, and more, all working towards the same goals. If you wish to buy a property in Mauritius through the off-plan purchase, Know House is the expert you need to guide you through the journey. The team will help you make the right choice according to your needs and budget, with expert financial advice.  This will ensure you get the best price with agency and notary fees included for the development of your property. Investing with Know House guarantees you unique properties with added value, in prime settings around the island. 

Do you wish to acquire a property in Mauritius? Check out Know House’s properties for sale or get in touch with an agent for more information.