Questions You May be Asked When Appealing Academic Dismissal: 

Charlotte Miller

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If you’ve been having difficulty keeping up with your academics and are being dismissed from your college, you can certainly take steps to save yourself. With the help of an academic appeals lawyer, you can request an appeal. 

You may be curious about do you really need a student defense lawyer? Can’t we appeal on our own? The answer is yes, you can. However, what a professional does is prepare you for the questions that you may be asked after you’ve made your appeal to the institution. 

Questions you may be asked:

During the meeting, you’re going to be answering a lot of serious questions. Answering these correctly is crucial for you because this will decide whether you will be allowed to continue your college or not. Here are a few questions that are likely to be asked. 

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  • What was the reason behind your lack of performance?

This question is the most likely to be asked, and you should be prepared with your answer. Try to be as honest about your problem as you can. Any lies or vague answers would not be of any use. If you have a legitimate problem that can be overcome, discuss that with them. 

  • Did you try to fix your problems?

If you took any steps to improve your grades and still failed, tell them if you couldn’t attend your classes due to severe issues, tell them if you are a slow learner. Try convincing your teachers that you did try to seek help and still failed. If you failed only because you were too lazy to study, nobody could help you. 

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  • Why do you think you deserve a second chance?

This can be a tricky question for many students because there are not a lot of ways to prove you’re worthy of staying in school when your entire record is filled with F’s. Nevertheless, you have to make them understand that you’ve learned from your failures and are willing to do the extra work needed to keep with the classes. 

  • What steps will you take to up your performance if you are readmitted?

You must be ready with a plan before you stand in the meeting. A student can’t go from 0 to 100 in a day. Think of little steps that you can take to better yourself. Presenting them with a legitimate plan can be your ticket to readmission. 

  • What are your plans if you are not readmitted?

No one can guarantee that your appeal will be successful. Hence, you should make your mind about a plan B. When this question is asked, you should be ready with an answer that contains your genuine plans, such as taking up a job or doing online courses, etc.