Protection on the Move: Top Video Intercoms You Should Check Out

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Protection on the Move: Top Video Intercoms You Should Check Out

Security should always be people’s priority when getting a house, apartment, building, establishment, and the like. Ensuring you are well-protected through technology that provides you with the best services and operation will save you effort and time, as opposed to when choosing the traditional ways. 

Video intercoms are one of the aspects you should consider when it comes to increasing your security. A camera is a common feature of today’s intercom systems, making them ideal for use as a video intercom. The intercom will convey audio and video footage of a guest to a building when they seek entrance. As a result, residents can see who is requesting entry before granting them access. In addition to allowing residents to speak with visitors, video intercoms for apartments allow tenants to let them in by using in-unit hardware or mobile devices. This process will not hassle owners in opening the door for the visitors themselves. If they do not have the energy to do so, they can use their smartphones to control who can go in and who can’t. If you want to level up your video intercom, there is also a facial recognition intercom. Using a facial recognition intercom is a great way to reduce the spread of germs, feel safer in your home, and experience an entirely new level of convenience. There are no longer any cards or codes to carry or remember.

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Moreover, if you are interested to know more about these video intercoms, here is a list that you can check out:

  1. Swiftlane Intercom

All types of buildings can use Swiftlane’s intercom and access control options. The system has a developed video and audio intercom for safe guest access management. Swiftlane users may take calls from just about anywhere, and they’ll ring through just like any other phone call, so there’s no need to check their phones for notifications constantly. It’s a plus for those who are always on the go yet still want to keep their homes safe. This intercom will be convenient for people with a hectic schedule since intercoms will carefully monitor and update them immediately if any visitors ask for an entry.

  1. Enterphone Intercom

MVI’s Building Management Platform correlates with the KeyCom® smart video intercom system. Access logs, maintenance records, and delivery updates lie here, where they manage the system. KeyCom® also highlights the inclusion of AI and facial recognition technology. It is a good option for businesses that see a high volume of customers and employees coming and going throughout the day, as the system automatically keeps track of attendance and visitor information.

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  1. Mircom Intercom

Mircom, which has been in business since 1991, is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor of, among other things, mass notification systems, emergency lighting, and fire detection and alarm systems. This intercom is unlike any other because it protects you from intruders and unnatural disasters like fire. Owners can use this intercom for emergencies. To that end, Mircom has developed various authentication methods, including voice entry, telephone entry, and multifamily intercoms installed in multiple properties.

The works of technology benefit people in today’s generation. It only takes a few clicks, and you have everything in control. Its presence makes people’s lives easier and bearable, giving us more time to do other things and not dwell on difficult things that can be solved using technology. One of the most incredible things technology can do is provide security to people. It is one of the valuable features that it can do because it can save the lives of many people, especially since unfortunate events are always rampant. People’s behavior is sometimes unpredictable and uncertain, so it is better to always think of possible scenarios to be safe. With the assistance of video intercom systems, you can ensure that you are well-protected and secure in your property.