Premises Security Tips For Business Owners

Charlotte Miller

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When people start a new business, their usual goals are to provide the best services to their customers. However, as a business owner, you must ensure your customers are safe when visiting your store. You must offer them some level of security and protection to prevent premises liability claims. 

Negligent security and slip and fall lawsuits are two common issues that business owners face. To ensure your business runs smoothly with no legal disruptions, you must take a few steps. However, if you are already involved in legal trouble, a negligent security attorney in Atlanta can help you discover your options.

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Security tips for business owners

  • Hire a security guard company. 

Most business owners usually hire a doorman to keep an eye on the people going in and out of the store. However, these people would not be much helpful in armed robberies. As a business owner, you are obligated to hire one or more professional security guards who possess the skills and arms to fight against dangers. They can not only sense dangers before they happen, but their presence alone is likely to prevent criminals from attempting a crime.

  • Have a security plan. 

Business owners must work closely with professional security guards to create a security plan. This plan should include information regarding protection, prevention, evacuation, and response measures. The business owner, property owner, as well as employees, should be well-educated about this plan and how it should be implemented in dangerous situations. 

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  • Security or CCTV cameras. 

Security cameras can monitor the inside and outside of the store at all times. They not only record criminal actions but also help you detect suspicious people before they inflict harm upon you or your customers. Good CCTV cameras can provide remorse viewing or motion-detecting, which can effectively deter theft. Criminals are less likely to move around stores with cameras. 

  • Install adequate lighting. 

Dark corners and alleys are a preferred hiding place for criminals. If your store has a parking area, make sure you install adequate lighting to prevent attacks and thefts there. You must also install lighting at entrances to ensure criminals do not sneak into the store. 

  • Motion sensor lights. 

For added security in your store, you could install motion sensor lights. They are an extremely effective way to deter burglars and vandalism. Even if the store is closed, lights switching on can scare off criminals. 

No one wants to deal with lawsuits when they set up a new business. By taking these few steps, you can avoid the headache of fighting negligent security lawsuits. If a customer was injured at your property, consult an attorney today.