Looking For Ways to Convert Your Attic into a Functional Space? Here Are Some Tips

Charlotte Miller

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Whether you feel stretched for space because of the tiny house or sudden lifestyle change, the fact is you need more room for your mental and physical comfort. But, of course, home extensions can be out of reach. You would require permits and everything. So, it will be a lengthy and tiring process. Alternatively, you can scan all the corners in your cocoon for that other habitable place where you can get a break from a busy household. It can save you from the hassles of extension. If you cannot find anything on the main floor, check your attic room size. The humble attic offers tremendous potential for conversion.

You can change it into a lounge, guest bedroom, bathroom, open plan kitchen, or just about anything. No matter what you make out of it, the clever utilization of space can always be excellent for your property’s value. So, here are some design and décor ideas for your loft to help you visualize an appropriate configuration for it. Let’s get into them quickly.

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Home office

The rising work from home culture has compelled people to create a cozy corner to focus and be productive in their office work. However, if the main areas of the household are busy and there are small kids around, it can feel like a tall order. You can avoid the feeling of helplessness by outfitting your attic room with the elements necessary for a practical and peaceful office nook. Since getting ample natural light is a must-have for productivity, you would want to avoid using heavy draperies or darker blinds on the windows. Instead, neutral-colored blinds filtering out the light to eliminate issues of glare might work well. 

The desk can be below or bang close to the window based on the availability of the space. The table size should be enough for your laptop, computer, files, and other essential office supplies. Besides, get a desk with wire channels that allow cables to stay neatly. With this, you would need a comfortable and ergonomic chair that goes with the room’s overall feel. If your job demands you to spend more screen time, you can opt for one with a swivel to adjust its height as per your convenience.

Another critical component can be storage systems where you can keep printers and other equipment. Cupboards and units can come in handy, especially if the room is smaller. However, don’t add anything oversized. It can unnecessarily clutter the aesthetics. Some shelves can help you add books and personal photographs too.

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Ensuite bathroom

Building an attached bathroom in the attic can involve elbow grease because of multiple factors. The cost for this runs from $9,600 to $52,000, which can be one challenge. Another thing you have to be wary of is the ceiling height. You cannot install a washbasin or shower just about anywhere. These features would require decent headroom around them because of the beams and awkward dimensions. However, it doesn’t mean you should give up on this idea. You can put a freestanding bath under a low ceiling to solve the bathing problem. The other area with adequate height can get the sink. Since minor features don’t pose challenges, you don’t have to stress about them. For example, you can think of Kraus USA’s quality lavatory faucets

Make sure there is a window in the bathroom. It is essential for keeping the air and energy fresh. If there isn’t a scope for this feature, install an exhaust fan. The choice of the rest of the accessories will depend on the availability of the space. Still, hooks and wall rods are critical. You would want to reserve the walls for this near shower and washbasin.  

Home library 

If you don’t have a dedicated room for books, you can use the attic as the library and get back to your reading habits. You can carve a 107 square feet library within the roof space with the help of plywood arches, slotted bookshelves, a small bench, and a table, etc.

Kid’s playroom

When you have kids or teens at home, you would always need some additional space for them to play. Of course, you would want to avoid noise also. Hence, turning your attic into a room or playroom for them can be a brilliant thought. But you have to ensure it is safe and cozy for them. For this, you can choose simple schemes, soft furnishings, and other such safer elements. And you don’t have to spend a lot to create a desirable environment. Some valuable additions can be a wall-to-wall carpet, bookshelves, window seats, built-in benches, skylights, accent walls, etc.

Walk-in closet

Clothes take more space for proper maintenance and organization. If you have run out of storage options on the main floors, you can change your attic into a wardrobe for extra space. Make sure to know your expectations from the closet. Also, there has to be enough headroom, hanging height. The standard height for hanging rods can be 40 inches. If you plan to install a double-hanging rod, the requirement for size will increase. It can be beneficial for long dresses, coats, etc. Another feature you have to pay attention to is the lighting. Recessed and track lighting, for example, can be worth adding in this area.

Things to consider

You don’t need permission for structural changes within the attic if it meets all the basic requirements. But if you try to extend this part, you may have to take approval. Plus, you have to stick to safety measures. Also, taking professional help in building this area can be wise. Their knowledge and expertise allow them to implement the best changes without violating the building codes.

So, if you were searching for some additional space within your house, you know where to head when other options are not available. Of course, the work will involve your time, effort, and budget. But the result can be enjoyable and satisfying. It also eliminates the need to move to a bigger house. Hence, considering all this, attic conversion ideas can sound better.