Passover Programs – How much will it cost this year?

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The one thing that just about everyone who is considering a Passover Program asks is how much will it cost this year? Most people are under the false assumption that a Passover program is far too expensive for them to participate in.

The truth is that there are Pesach programs that fit into the majority of all budgets. If you want to go on vacation at Passover then you can find a program that you can enjoy without breaking the bank doing so.

The Truth about Passover Program Costs

There are programs for the Pesach holiday that are very expensive. There are programs that cost upwards of $11,000 per day per person. Those high-cost programs are designed for the wealthiest of people, like Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner. 

If you choose to stay in one of the most exotic locations, at a five-star hotel then you can prepare to pay a hefty amount for your accommodations and entertainment. Most people do not want to spend that kind of money on their Passover vacation, and luckily enough there are plenty of Pesach friendly vacation destinations that do not cost anywhere near that much.

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Lower Cost Programs

One way to lower the cost of the program you choose is to choose a Passover hotel or resort that is a three-star establishment instead of the five-star luxury resorts. Three-star establishments offer nice accommodations, clean and friendly areas for you to enjoy, delicious food, entertainment and close proximity to local attractions.

The three-star establishments are more likely to have you order wine al la carte instead of simply including wine in the cost of the room. Most people do not mind paying extra for special items like wine rather than have each guest pay for wine that they do not consume. This is a big money saver.

The lower cost programs will have dining options but they may not offer the same variety of options that the five-star establishments do. In most of the luxury programs you can request specialized picnic baskets to be packed for you to take on your outings, and in the lower priced programs you may have to purchase your lunches in town at local eateries.

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Rooms Instead of Suites

Another way to lower the cost of your Passover program is by choosing the right sleeping accommodations. If you choose to have a simple motel room with enough beds for everyone to sleep in then your cost will be far less that they would if you choose to have a suite with a living room, or a private cabin to stay in.

Examine the real needs you have in your room. If you plan to spend a great deal of time in your room then you may want to get something that has a living room or even a small kitchen in it. If you plan to use the room for sleeping and rest only then you will not need all of the extra space or expense.

Private Seder Celebrations

The seder celebration is a huge part of the Passover holiday, All Pesach programs offer seder celebrations. You can save a lot of money by attending the seder with other guests in the hotel dining room. If you choose to have a private seder, with private food and celebrations the cost of your evening will be increased dramatically.

Room Service

When you want to keep expenses down while on vacation avoid ordering room service. Room service charges will quickly increase the amount of your bill. Eat your meals in the dining room and shop outside the hotel for snacks you can keep in your room in case you get hungry later in the night.


The entertainment offered at the resort or hotel will often cause the cost of the program to be higher. If the entertainment includes well known singers, dancers or entertainers then the cost of the program will be higher than at locations where the entertainment is provided with lesser known groups.

You may even want to opt for a hotel or resort that offers no entertainment and simply go out on the town and enjoy local night spots, shows and activities.

Baby Sitting Services

Pay attention to how much the hotel charges for child care services like sitting with the children while the adults go out. If the hotel says his is a free amenity, then you can rest assured that the cost is included in the price of the rooms.

Choose hotels that offer childcare services at an additional fee. That means only the people who need a baby sitter will be paying for one.

Final Thoughts

Careful planning and close attention to location and services offered will allow you to lower your cost. You can also book your rooms early, like book right now for 2022. That will save you money as the ratesd will increase when the holiday is closer at hand.


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