Mass Personalization: The New Video Marketing

Charlotte Miller

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Clients and customers can be engaged through informative and attractive videos. Through video marketing, brands are trying to improve their social presence with the hope of enhancing their conversion rate. Though it works on most occasions, a marketing video should be more concise and target directly engaged visitors. If you are thinking how is it possible we have only two words to answer your query, mass personalisation!

Mass personalisation is the creation of digital experiences that are highly personalised and cater to a specific niche audience. The audiences can be selected based on criteria such as age, gender, interests, occupation, income, and much more. Mass personalisation is already the present and future of marketing. B2B companies find it hard to target their prospects. It is because they need to target one individual who might be very selective in its approach of building associations. However, by determining the key differences and similarities among groups, individuals, or organisations, they can create better experiences for their prospects.

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How do personalised videos work?

Personalised videos help you gain the attention of your customers. Also, by providing a tailored experience to your audience, they help you build stronger connections. With the implementation of new tricks and gimmicks in video marketing, using the same old techniques might not work anymore. Creating special videos with personalised messages can resonate with your audience and work better. 

As a marketer, building unique and innovative experiences for your customers is the need of the hour. It will not only make you stand out from your competition but will also establish your competency in the market. 

For instance, YouTube, NetFlix, and many other platforms offer content that is personalised according to the browsing history, location, and age of their customers. 

For a common user, receiving a video message from a social media influencer or powerful personality is always like a dream. With personalized video content, video marketing ideas, and evolving technologies, it is possible to bridge the gap between customer expectations and reality.

Personalised video messages can be beneficial for B2B companies as well. Emailing newsletters and company brochures is an old technique. Your prospects might receive many such emails every day and checking all of them might not be possible for them. Instead, recording a flashy video with all the bits and nuances of your video in a short time can be much more productive. 

For example, you are a startup and need funds from venture capitalists. Now, you might think of requesting them via an email containing information about your business ideas and propositions. Instead, make a personalised video with a powerful message for the venture capitalists to gain their attention and generate interest seamlessly.

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How to blend mass personalization with video marketing?

By merging the power of video marketing and mass personalization, you can create the best video ads and marketing videos. If you are wondering how to add personalized content to marketing videos, think from the perspective of your clients/customers. Here are some video marketing tips that B2C and B2B companies can use:

Mass Personalization with Videos for B2C Organisations

Creating videos specific for certain audiences can be a time-consuming process if you are a B2C organization. However, the process can be a lot easier if you follow these steps:

  •       Step 1: Gather enough data through social media channels, your website, and other resources.
  •       Step 2: Organise the data into various groups based on preferences, age, interests, and other customer details.
  •       Step 3: Use video in email marketing and send personalised videos based on the preferences and interests of your customers. Include special offers and deals to the customers that might entice them further to look into your services/products.
  •       Step 4: Through email, also send a link directing towards your website or app. Ensure that when the customers open the link, a personalized video gets played that is specifically targeting their needs.
  •       Step 5: You can include these personalised videos on your homepage where each customer gets to see a video based on the set of preferences they choose.

Many such personalised touches can be incorporated into your video marketing ideas. If you own a cloth store, send a personalised video greeting to every customer on their birthdays through email or SMS. The greeting can have the name of the customer along with the list of occasions on which they have visited your online or offline store. Moreover, you may also give them a special offer or discount applicable only on their birthday through the video greeting. Won’t your customers feel special? Surely, they will and make it a point to purchase something from your store every year.

Video editing solutions that help you incorporate animated greetings and flashy text are available these days. With these tools and smart marketing video ideas, building stronger marketing connections with your audiences can be a lot easier.

An online video editor braided with numerous video editing tools can create stunning marketing videos. With these video editing tools, add interesting captions, titles, subtitles, and other video content that enhances the impact of your marketing videos.

Mass Personalization with Videos for B2B Organisations

B2B companies can include mass personalisation in their ABM (Account Business Marketing) strategies. They can upload a list of videos on their website or app as per specific categories. For example, if you own a software development company, make personalized video content for food, manufacturing, furniture, and other industries. Use the video templates offered by video marketingsoftware

to make customised videos for your prospects. 

The assistance of professional videographers or video editors is required to create professional marketing videos with personalised content. If you run a startup or small business, hiring professionals might not be possible. However, if you subscribe to video marketing software, creating professional marketing videos with negligible investment is possible.

Or else, you can utilise the video editor free tools available on the internet. We recommend you go for affordable video editor tools that offer a wide range of customization options. Choose the video makers with inbuilt templates for different prospects and situations.

For instance, you may require a certain kind of template for making a news video, event planning video, tutorial videos, etc. A comprehensive video editor software will provide pre-built templates, caption tools, and other options to create stunning and meaningful videos. Moreover, you will also be able to add a watermark of your business to these videos to prevent them from getting copied or misused.

Personalizing parts of a video

As a digital marketer, creating multiple videos for different audience niches seems to be a daunting job. However, incorporating pre-recorded clips in several videos as bits to create a complete video can be more convenient. Video marketing software solutions that leverage these techniques are available today.

Concluding Words – Unleash Creativity & Make the Difference

Creativity is the key while making impactful videos. This is true while creating personalised video content for your audiences. Use new and creative marketing ideas to merge personalisation and high-quality video content. Find the target groups on social media and invite them to your websites where you can impress them with meaningful videos. Send personalised video messages to thousands of customers at once through email marketing. It would spike the digital footprint on your website which you can further utilize to enhance the conversion rate through video marketing tricks.

Thankfully, technological support offered by data analytical tools and video editing software solutions is available today. By using the right video editing tools, change how your customers perceive your brand or products. The difference-makers for beginners and professional video makers are the platforms like Typito’s Video Editor. With dozens of templates, exciting captions, text editing tools, video storytelling or adding a personalized touch to videos becomes simple. Visit their website today and explore the professional video editing tips and tools you need to outshine your competitors!