Impressive and Ultra Stylish Two Block Haircut Looks For Modern Men

Charlotte Miller

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Hair fashion is acquiring fresh twists with every season. For a while, the male population was reserved to classy looks, and many considered it a pure blessing. However, these days things changed, and every new passion that the world takes son has its reflection on modern society. The chances that you haven’t heard about the growing popularity of Korean culture and the attributes it brings with it are slim.

When referring to the hairstyle universe, Menshaircuts has it tnhat a two block haircut is spreading throughout the masses. To keep up with the ever-changing trends, you need to be 100% aware of what an individual style stands for, and today it’s time to learn a little more about this highly-requested and so mysterious two-block cut.

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Basic Definition 

It’s not enough to understand that a specific style is popular and opt for it. You need to realize what it represents and whether it’ll suit you too. Basically, a two-block looks the same as it sounds. There are two blocks to it – shaved or closely trimmed sides and back and extended top. Another peculiar feature of the style the center part, but these days, it somewhat optional. The contrast of the haircut makes it stand out from the rest without taking it over the edge. While being both simple and complex, the look offers a great pool of opportunities to experiment with your style, and that is one of the grandest advantages to consider.

Whom Would the Cut Suit?

No matter how fancy the look is if it doesn’t suit you. We know countless examples of when the most modern haircut does not go well with your face shape or hair texture. So far, there hasn’t been the slightest rumor about a two-block ruining one’s look. It is utterly versatile and can be fitted to any image or lifestyle. Aside from that, the style is super easy to look after and to style. Besides, in case you feel like it is not your cup of tea, the length involved will always leave some room for alteration.

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How Do You Ask for a Two-Block?

First things first, you need to come across a hairdresser that you trust. It is true that every barber’s skill and style perception differ, and you may end up with something you haven’t asked for initially if the barber picks the unfitting road. To eliminate the chance of surprise, it is always best to come up with a precise image of what you are looking for. A professional stylist will inevitably tell you if the cat won’t suit you personally. However, as has been already mentioned, the chances of that are minimal with a two-block cut.

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A word of advice – Asian hair is of a different texture than yours if you don’t belong to the race. Thus, such a cut on your mane may look slightly different and a little less appealing. To avoid the disappointment of a bedhead to deal with daily, you need to ask a barber for a hair perm. Straightening the locks out and making sure they look shiny and healthy is the aim the technique is designed for. It may cost you a little extra, but the result will be worth every penny spent.

How Do You Style a Two-Block Haircut?

Some haircuts are designed for a unique styling approach, and that makes them so challenging to look after on a daily basis. According to MensHaircuts, the rule does not apply to a two-block haircut. The beauty of this style lies in its versatility. You can wear it as face-framing curtains, or you can add an asymmetric fringe to add some sharpness to your features. 

Let’s not forget that a two-block comes with just enough length to play around with different dyeing techniques. If you are adventurous enough to take the road, you can end up with a unique-looking cut just like that. Keep in mind that picking an expert stylist is crucial at this point.

Best Two-Block Cuts to Decide On

Now, when you know all about the maintenance and style acquiring process, you need to distinguish between the most popular options there are on offer. 

No-Style Two Block

Sometimes the lesser is the best. If you lead a busy lifestyle and you don’t want to put up with all the high-maintenance routines, a classy look is the one to think about. the elegance of a no-style look will keep you looking flawless with the least of time and effort spent. A little hair product is optional, but quick blow-drying will set the cut in place, leaving you looking speckles and trendy.

Disconnected Undercut

For some of you, a classy vibe may not be enough to stand out, and that is understandable. That is where a disconnected undercut comes in handy. The general idea behind the variation is to make every part of it draw attention separately. The closely-shaven sides and back will help you achieve the goal in no time. The best part about it is that any dress code would allow the look, and it takes minutes to set in place.

Slicked Back Two-Block

This option is not a separate cut itself, it is rather a possible way to style a two-block haircut like a true gentleman. All it takes is to grab your favorite hair product, work it in and slick the mane back. Keep in mind that moving through the day with style like this requires some strong-hold products.

Side Part Two-Block 

It’s been mentioned that an original cut comes with a center part, but who said that you couldn’t alter things a little according to your preferences? A side part is a pure definition of a trendy and outstanding vibe. Keep things experimental, and you will succeed.